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All cats are special, but Soft Paws®  Cats are even more so. We’ve been getting your letters and emails telling us how pleased you are with Soft Paws. read testimonials...  Now it’s time for
Kitty and Tom and Fluffy and Max—and your cat too—to have their moment of glory.

We’d love to see your cat in our photo gallery too, so send us a picture of your cat wearing
Soft Paws  and we’ll put it on the web for all to see and admire. Please email your picture to   (horizontal photos work best). Note: By submitting a photo, you agree to the terms listed here.

Thanks to all of you for letting us know how Soft Paws have solved so many problems for you
and your cat. Your pictures and comments are so helpful in showing other cat lovers how to
solve their problems too.

Thank you for vising our gallery! Check back soon to see new photos!

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