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Soft Paws®  come in a variety of exciting new and exclusive colors and color combinations
to make any cat, and cat owner, happy, healthy and stylish!


Summer Skies Combo: order now!

Let your cat enjoy the transition of summer into fall with this crisp color combo.


Summer Heat Combo: order now!

Kitty will look cool in the mid-summer heat with this radiant combination of red, orange, and yellow Soft Paws.


Fresh-Squeezed Combo: order now!

The new Fresh-Squeezed Combo from Soft Paws is bursting with color and very a-peel-ing.


Ice Cold Combo: order now!

No matter how hot it is outside, inside kitty will be cool wearing the new Soft Paws Ice Cold Combo.


Purrple Reign Combo: order now!

This royal color combination will have your Prince or Princess looking dashing and impurrial.


Beach Ball Combo: order now!

It's always summer when your furry friend is decked out in fun and playful blue, yellow, red, and white Soft Paws.


California Surfer Combo: order now!

Get ready to “hang ten” with Ocean Blue, Sky Blue and White Cap Soft Paws!

This paw-some color combo is sure to make a splash—whether your cat is relaxing kitty-poolside or kicking up some sand.


Watermelon Combo: order now!

Whether kitty's checking out the fridge or having an indoor picnic by the food bowl, this fresh, crisp combination of green, pink, and black Soft Paws will look sweet on your favorite feline.


Mystical Summer Nights Combo: order now!

Kitty will be a shining star in Mystical Summer Night Soft Paws, featuring a constellation of celestial colors.

Bumblebee Combo:
order now!

These contrasting nail caps add warm, yet showy, highlights of color, whether kitty is buzzing around the house or soaking up some sunshine.-->

Clear Skies Combo:
order now!

The fur-cast calls for Clear Skies when kitty wears these colorful blue and yellow Soft Paws.

Pink Lemonade Combo: order now!

Ahh . . . here's a refreshing summer combo to help your sweet feline relax and enjoy the day.

Sherbet Combo: order now!

Kitty can “paws” and get refreshed with this tasteful color combo of orange, pink and white Soft Paws.

White: order now!

Imagine your snow white kitty in matching white Soft Paws—dazzling, Dahling. They're the Purrfect accessory, too, for a kitty with white boots, and an especially dapper touch for Tuxedo cats. White tips look like a spiffy French Manicure, but they're definitely not just for girls. Gentleman cats look handsome in white, too.

Pink Glitter: order now!

Kit-teh can par-tay with these Pink Glitter Soft Paws.

Blue Glitter: order now!

Blue Glitter Soft Paws: sparkly, fun, and enchanting.

Gold Glitter: order now!

Let the paw party begin—with Gold Glitter nail caps.

Silver Glitter: order now!

New Silver Glitter Soft Paws—for party animals and fun-loving felines.

order now!

By popular request, we now offer “summer green” Soft Paws. These are an` exquisite match for cats with green or amber eyes. They also blend beautifully with tortoiseshell kitties.


Rainbow Combo:: order now!

Multi-colored Rainbow Soft Paws for your many-splendored kitty. Each claw can have its own personality!

Recommended for cats with diverse tastes, and for your buddy who likes to curl up with you on a rainy day.


Orange: order now!

Orange is the perfect harmony for marmalade cats—but imagine it, too, on a black kitty. Or a snowy white. What an eye-catching contrast! This color also looks lovely on calicos and flame point Siamese. But actually—it looks great on any cat.

(Mellow kitties like them too.)

order now!

Sleek and sophisticated! Black looks great on any cat, either as a complement to dark fur or an accent to white or multi-colored cats. We've tried them on an orange tabby and it's dynamite!


Elegant Dove Grey: order now!

Elegant and understated! This color is hard to represent. It is truly gorgeous in an elegant and subtle way. Great on all cats but downright fabulous on Grey, Black and Siamese kitties. People just love this color.


Assorted Colors Combo: order now!

Mood magic! Every cat is one of a kind. For a look as individual as your cat have fun with a range of colors, to mix or match according to your...and your cat's...mood. Order our special package of assorted colors: Red, Blue, Purple and Pink.

Soft Paws®  come in a number of sizes to fit your cat purrfectly!  view size guidelines...

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