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Soft Paws® Can Help Protect Door Frames and Walls from Cat Scratches

Soft Paws can help keep your walls and door frames from being damaged by your cat’s claws.

When a cat scratches items in the home, heavy furniture like sofa arms and tall, stationary spots like door frames and walls are often the victims. Learn why cats like those spots and how you can protect them from scratches.

Why Do Cats Scratch Door Frames and Walls?

Cat scratching is normal behavior, and one of the reasons they do it is to mark their territory with scents from their paws and visible scratches. These markers give other cats information about them and their area.

Door frames and walls are great spots for cats to engage in scratching for the purpose of territory marking for three main reasons:

  • Cats can get their scratch marks high on these surfaces, which they like.
  • Walls and door frames are sturdy and won't fall over when a cat scratches on them vigorously.
  • Cats can use walls and door frames to make territorial marks in high traffic areas of the home, which is ideal for them.

How Can You Decrease Damage from Door Frame and Wall Scratching?

Applying Soft Paws® to your cat's front claws can help protect your walls and door frames from scratching damage. Soft Paws® are vinyl caps that cover a cat's sharp nails and don't sink into surfaces.

Your cat can still scratch with Soft Paws® on. They are able to retract and extend their claws normally with claw caps on, and they don't cause any pain. They fall off naturally as a cat's claws grow and the outer layers slough off, but they can stay on for up to six weeks at a time after a cat gets used to wearing them.

Soft Paws® are a great compromise for you and your cat. Your cat will still get to scratch and leave paw scents on items in the home, which is stress-relieving and healthy for him. And you will be less likely to have to look at and deal with scratches in your walls and door frames.

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