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Increase Your Bond with Your Cat with Soft Paws®

Soft Paws® can improve your relationship with your cat.

If you have a cat that has a tendency to scratch you on purpose or accidentally, you might be feeling like it's difficult to properly bond with her.

Instead of feeling relaxed and loving around your kitty, you might feel anxious about being scratched.

Maybe you don't enjoy having your cat on your lap because you get scratched when she makes happy kitty muffins or when she stands up and leaps off of your legs.

Soft Paws® can help.

How Soft Paws® Can Help You Enjoy Your Cat More

Applying Soft Paws® is easy once you and your cat get the hang of it. It might take some practice and patience at first; you may need to put a few caps on at a time until you get the whole set on. But once your cat gets used to having them placed on and to wearing them, Soft Paws® can strengthen the bond between you.

  • You won't feel nervous about having your cat jump on your lap or put her front feet on your leg to give you a head rub.
  • No more worries about your kitten climbing your leg enthusiastically, leaving small claw marks all the way up.
  • Your curtains, furniture, and other belongings will be safer from your cat's claws, too, and that can do wonders for the relationship between the two of you.
  • Because Soft Paws® don't interfere with a cat's ability to extend or retract her claws, she can still perform the action of scratching normally, but she won't be damaging things while she does it. So she'll be happy and so will you.
  • Soft Paws® can also help the pets in your home get along better. If you are bringing a new cat into a home with other pets, it can help to make sure that everyone is outfitted with Soft Paws® as part of your introduction plan.

Start using Soft Paws® today so you can enjoy your cat more and spend less time tending scratches and fixing scratched items.

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