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We were surprise and pleased with quick/efficient customer service. (less than 48 hr. turnaround time) We don't trim nails regularly, so thought the task would be harder. A helpful tip for me...was to place each soft paw nail tip (open end up) in a strip of play dough. I filled each with adhesive, then applied one by one, to each nail. The playdough kept them from tipping and spilling glue! Now when I put my nail glue in the freezer.. I'll wrap the play dough for the next application. Our cat doesn't even mind them on.

Thanks a bunch!
Paula R. & Margaret E.


I've been using Soft Paws since March. At the time I first applied them, my kitten was 7 months old. I decided to try them, since my kitten wasn't using a scratching post, I had new furniture, and the declawing option wasn't an option for me (it's barbaric!).
The first time I applied the Soft Paws was the hardest, and it wasn't overwhelmingly difficult. Subsequent applications are usually one at a time, as they fall off, thus easier.
My cat's now a year old and the Soft Paws have been really successful. It takes only about 1 minute to replace one, and my cat endures it without much fanfare.

Laura H (And Taz, Mooney, Jackpot (JP) and Lil'Baby)


I received my Soft Paws on Saturday. Thought I had ordered clear but received blue - no big deal, my male cat thinks he's cool with blue toes!

They were actually much easier to apply! I am excited to see how well they work...since I have new carpet & new furniture! Thanks so much for your help. The two females are going along like nothing happened.

Cyndy Gilbert


They have worked better than anything else we have tried. Tried to just keep them trimmed—that worked until he started clawing an Amish quilt. Oops. Shirley has no sense of humor.

Ben C.


I recently purchased Soft Paws for both of my cats. I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful product available over the Internet. They fussed a little bit when I first put them on but after a few days they didn't even realize they were there. They look adorable in their purple and red nails.

Lisette A.


Both of our kitties have adjusted completely. They both groomed their paws a bit right afterwards but began acting normal soon after. The kitty we were most concerned about (he's real scratcher) has been
best--all 10 Soft Paws still on! The other kitty has had a few fall off, but that's because we cut his nails too short—before we read the directions! :) At any rate, they are both doing well. Also, while we originally purchased the blue on a whim, the colored nails turned out being better because I can see whether they are still on from across the room. Great bonus.

Thanks for the solution.


I just placed my second order for Soft Paws they have worked beautifully - we have a very temperamental cat - who loves to sneak up and attack the others. So the claws are working and saving the hides of the other cats....thank you.

Lori M.


At first I had my vet put Soft Paws on my cat and he tolerated them very well. A month later I ordered them from you, put them on the cat myself and he doesn't even seem to notice.
This is a much better solution than declawing!



Although I would like to accept my cat's claws without discrimination, I can't stand the many scratches that show up on my hands, arms and legs. Before I knew better, I was going to have my cats declawed! Luckily, I learned what the procedure entailed and quickly changed my mind. Then I read about Soft Paws and though it was a great idea. So I tried the product out and it is purrfect! My cats don't scratch me anymore, the furniture remains intact, kitty bath day is less traumatic, and best of all, my three kitties retain their sense of dignity and security because the still have their claws!! The cats don't mind the Soft Paws at all and even look so cute wearing the nice colors they come in! They are simple to apply it takes me about 10 minutes to put them on all three cats and they stay on for a couple of weeks at a time. I usually only have to replace 1 or 2 caps every week. This is absolutely the best compromise for cats and cat owners!

Thanks April N.


I have had trouble with my three Persians for years. They have always systematically destroyed all couches and other upholstered items in my house, despite the fact that they also actively use their cat scratching posts. I am totally opposed to declawing though, so I thought I was stuck. I first found out about Soft Paws years ago when I saw a display at my vet's office, but I never got around to asking about them. I recently decided to move in with my significant other however, and he is not so thrilled about living with cats.
I went online and found Soft Paws. I decided to give it a try since I could order the caps online and they were pretty cheap. They were pretty easy to apply once I got them, so I sat back to wait and see how the cats would react. They didn't even know they were wearing them! Plus the caps stayed on remarkably well. I had to replace two caps after about 24 hours that had fallen off, but I'm pretty sure they fell off because I didn't have enough glue in them. All three of my cats have been wearing the caps for about a week now, and I've had no more problems. Soft Paws are the best thing I've ever discovered for my cats.

Thanks a million,



The Soft Paws are Fantastic! He didn't even care when we put them on and I have less scratches now. I think I will put the fake nails on his back claws too though because he likes to kick.
I really appreciate all of your advice.

Best Regards,

Julie F.


I have been using Soft Paws for a long time, almost 5 years. I think they are an excellent product, and a far better option than declawing.

Diane N.


I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that this product is fabulous! I have an older cat that I had declawed several years ago and it was a painful experience for both of us. When we adopted our kitten recently, I was very torn about doing it again since I really felt declawing to be somewhat inhumane. My vets(both women by the way) recommended that I try Soft Paws with the kitten and ordered them for me. To my delight and surprise, the kitten has had no problem adjusting at all! In fact, she doesn't even notice them. Thank you for providing this as an option to those of us who love both our furniture and our cats!!

Pam R.


I recently ordered Soft Paws for my three cats from your website. They have all taken to them well, and don't even seem to notice that they are wearing them. I also just bought a new leather sofa to celebrate my new found freedom from cat furniture destruction.

Thanks Maggie


We are having success with our first application of Soft Paws. We have two 11 year old cats. They have lived indoors exclusively their whole lives, and they have mauled furniture with delight the entire time. We figured that we'd live and learn. Our next cats would be declawed. We'd suffer through this delightful pair.
Then we learned about Soft Paws. Not really expecting much, and expecting the cats would handily remove them or else be driven insane by the sensation of wearing them, we put them on three or four days ago. After application, they did what they normally do after nail clippings: they vigorously cleaned their "nails," and yanked on them with their teeth. The Soft Paws held. The cats pretty much ignored them after a while.
A day later, we noticed that two nail caps were missing from one of the cats. We never found the missing nail caps. We reapplied with fresh Soft Paws. These have held. The cats seem oblivious to them. The only novelty is they now have purple "nails."


Gregg F.

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