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Tips for Using Soft Paws Adhesive

Use these tips to get more use from your Soft Paws adhesive.

The adhesive that is included with every package of Soft Paws® vinyl nail caps is not ordinary, fast-drying glue. Soft Paws® adhesive is cold-bonding and is non-toxic when it dries. It's also easy to work with. Here are a few tips to make using the Soft Paws® glue even easier.

Tips to Prevent Premature Drying Out

To keep the glue from drying out and hardening prematurely, be sure to remove the applicator tip and securely close the bottle of adhesive after each use. Place the bottle into a plastic bag to store it. Some people have good luck with putting the glue in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out. If you do this, label it well, so everyone knows it isn't food, and rub the bottle between your hands before use to get it flowing again.

Applicator Care Tips

The adhesive applicator tips can be reused if they are empty when stored. Remove the applicator tip from the bottle of adhesive after use and cap the bottle tightly. Run the applicator tip under warm water to remove any residual glue from inside of it, and dry it well. Store it in the plastic bag with the adhesive.

If the applicator tip becomes clogged, which can sometimes happen during applications that take a little bit longer, such as when you are first learning how to apply Soft Paws®, you can try rinsing it with warm water and tapping the tip on a hard surface. If that doesn't work, you can try running a thin wire through the tip to push out any dried glue or you can trim the tip off.

You can also order extra applicator tips, so you never have to worry about running out.

Tips for Applying the Right Amount of Adhesive

Applying the right amount of glue helps the caps stay on your cat's claws longer. Working with the Soft Paws® adhesive gets easier with practice. Here are a few tips to shorten the learning curve:

  • Before you begin, carefully push some glue into the applicator tip, watching to be sure you don't push it all the way out. This will make it easier to fill the first nail cap.
  • Carefully push 2-3 drops of glue into a nail cap, then gently squeeze the sides of the cap together, so the adhesive covers the entire inside of the cap. If it overflows, you've put too much in, and if it doesn't fully cover, you haven't added enough. With practice, you will learn exactly how hard to press on the adhesive bottle to get the amount of glue you need.
  • Before applying the nail cap to your cat's claw, be sure to use the other hand to push away any nearby fur so it doesn't get caught in the glue.

Remember, using Soft Paws® adhesive is not difficult, but with a little practice, it will be even easier.

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