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Many, many thanks for Soft Paws!
My 16 year old cat doesn't mind them at all and my new furniture is unmarked - which makes my husband happy too!

Thanks! Donna


As a cat lover and lover of all animals, I applaud you for the information you have put out for all to see. Declawing is inhumane, and I can't believe that anyone who loves animals would perform such a procedure. I use little caps called Soft Paws on my kitty. He stays intact and so does my furniture. They do come off eventually just like nail tips and have to be replaced about every 5-8 weeks. If he were to ever get outside, he could still get up a tree and out of harms way.

Thanks again! Lisa


I can't tell you how excited I was to find Soft Paws and as I read about them, I grew hopeful. I ordered them right away, and while I waited for them to arrive in the mail, I started randomly playing with my cat's paws to get her used to my touching them (yeah right). She still doesn't like me touching them but she lets me put Soft Paws on her (I have to sort of trap her with my body, but it really is a one-person job). I put them on a few at a time so she wouldn't go ballistic. She struggles a little bit, but as soon as the nail cap is on and I let go, it's as if nothing happened. She generally doesn't even seem to notice them at all, and she only chewed one of them off (due to my inattention). As long as I'm watching, I can distract her from doing that until the glue has dried.
I proudly announce to all of my anti-declawing friends that I found an alternative that works. I'm telling everyone I know because I think it's a wonderful product and has really been great for me and my cat.

Dianna C.


Just wanted to say how great Soft Paws are, and what a wonderful idea and alternative to declawing! My Persian Cat, Kahlua, has shredded my stereo speakers, the carpet on my stairs, a chair, and many other household items. I just got a new couch and loveseat and was not going to spend all of that money to have it destroyed! So my friends and co-workers told me to get my cat declawed, it was the only solution! They all have their cats declawed and told me that alot of vets perform the procedure daily as if it is no big deal. Then I called my vet about the procedure and she told me she would NOT declaw any cat ever! That told me that there must be more to it than a mere daily procedure. So I did some research and came across your web site. I am so glad I did. My cat is like a kid to me. Having her declawed would have been like taking my child to the hospital for unnecessary plastic surgery!


Stephanie B.


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this product. We are "owned" by seven of the sweetest cats on the planet - four of them we've had for years and had them declawed when we first got them as that was the 'thing to do' at the time. Since then, we've learned what a cruel act declawing is, and when we adopted the last three over the past 4 months, we looked at Soft Paws as an alternative. It has been absolutely fantastic! We were taking the cats to the vet to have them applied but thought I'd try it myself and ordered a kit. The application was much easier than I expected and my three new kitties are now all running around with hotpink toes! (I've found that the hotpink ones make it easy to see when a cat has lost a tip.) My declawed cats are safe from accidental injury when they play with the cats who still have their claws, and my house is safe from anyone who thinks that the furniture is a good place to sharpen! I am so pleased with this product and will continue to order it.

This is the best pet product to come along in ages and I have been telling all of my cat-owning friends that this is something they should try.

Regards, Cathy


I just signed on to order my third box of Soft Paws and felt I had to tell you how great I think this product is. I found Soft Paws through researching declawing on the Web as I was at my wits end with my female cats 8 years of using furniture as a scratching post. I used everything and every method to get her to quit, to no avail. Thank God you have the Soft Paws link on some of these declawing web articles. I ordered a box of them with some skepticism 6 moths ago. My cat is used to having her nails clipped since she was a kitten so three quarters of the battle was won. I was so surprised how easily the were applied and even more surprised how my cat hardly noticed them after they were on!!! Now and then around six weeks later I find a little red nail on the floor and no it's time again to apply and in less than a minute a new one is in place and harmony in the household is restored. THANK YOU for inventing such a truly GREAT product.

Drew M.


I have been using Soft Paws for a year or so (Yes, I mean on my cat. You don't make them big enough of me.) They are great ! ! !

I read your article and found it informative but a little incorrect. Kitty showed up on the doorstep and wouldn't leave. She was very skittish and not at all a lap cat. Her feet are what made the difference in our relationship. She wouldn't let me touch her in general. So I thought if I made her the alpha to my beta I might stand a better chance of bonding with her and she with me. So I first touched her by sliding my finger under her paw when she was quiet. By giving her the opportunity to claw me she was more secure. Soon we were easily holding hands. Still two years later holding hands is nicely intimate and something we do every day.

Because of Soft Paws she can pat me. It is wonderful because the Soft Paws are so comfortable for me as well as Kitty. She has trained me. She sits on the arm of my chair, looks at her bag of treats off to my right. Looks me close in the eye and puts her right paw on my cheek and turns my head to look at the treats. If she is missing a nail cover, without intent she pokes me, no treat.

Something else your article lacked was the bonding we have when she can "knead" her claws on my leg or such. This "kneading" is cat sign language for "Mom" I am home. She even "kneads" in her sleep. It is very comforting to her to be able to do this and comfortable for me because the Soft Paws allow me to share this personal event without scratches.

I think clear is the way to go for the first box or two. The clear caps let you see if the size is right and how the nail fits in them. They are the training pants of the claw world. We want out of the training pant stuff and into "big cats" Soft Paws.


For three reasons I want them in black:

1. Black would make them show up better on my light carpeting. That way I will know it is time to replace one.

2. I have a black cat and monochromatic dressing is very slimming. If I can't get thin, she will have to carry that responsibility for the rest of the family. Black is for "grown up cats". And you know what they say. Clothes make the cat.

3. Black is cool.

Thank you,


I have three, 11-year old cats. I am strongly opposed to declawing. I just moved into a house with my boyfriend and he was not thrilled with the idea of my cats clawing his furniture. My vet recommended Soft Paws. The first application was done by my vet. The cats adjusted with no problems. This is a fabulous alternative to declawing. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Thank you,
C. Davidson (Devon, Rhonda and Teddie (kitties) thank you too!)


We are very pleased with the Soft Paws covers. All three of our girls now have them. The speed at which they came helped tremendously since two of our cats have a fighting tendency we thought this may soften the blows a little.



This is my first time applying Soft Paws and what a huge success! Thanks for your help ... and my leather sofa looks great!

-Lucy A.


I just wanted to say thank you for creating Soft Paws. I rescued a 6 month old kitten from the shelter last September. She is the best cat and I love her to death, but she would hide under my bed and "attack" me when ever I walked by. I knew this was only a "kitten phase" and she would eventually grow out of it. My legs were so scratched and scared so bad that I always wore jeans. I had to move to my parent's house for the summer and my dad hates cats. He said the only way I could bring Kissy home with me was if I got her declawed. It killed me to think that I was going to have to put her through all that pain just so she could come home with me over the summer. I thought I had no choice, until I found Soft Paws. I told my dad that declawing Kissy was essentially removing the first joint of her "fingers" and he suddenly felt bad. I told him and Soft Paws and we decided to give them a try. They have been a life saver!!! Kissy had grown out of her "kitten phase" and doesn't attack me anymore. Now that I'm in my own place, I still keep Soft Paws on her so she doesn't scratch my furniture, and for those trips to my parent's house.

Thank you SO much.


Soft Paws have been a life-saver for us—literally. I don't think our 10 month old kitten would have survived the severe scratching he had inflicted on himself due to his allergies. We were at our wits end as he had open areas on his neck, ears and head. He would scratch himself until he bled and then would shake his head, sending specks of blood everywhere. It was very distressing for all concerned. We were also becoming increasingly concerned about infection and how close he was coming to scratching his eyes. I had remembered reading about Soft Paws in Pam Bennett-Johnson's wonderful book "Think Like a Cat". As soon as we applied the Soft Paws to Robby's hind paws, he started to improve. The open areas gradually healed and we continued with his corticosteroid medications and allergy shots. We now have a well and healthy cat, whose fur has grown back in all the scratched areas and who is responding well to his allergy treatments. We continue to use the Soft Paws as he still scratches on ocassion and we want to protect him. I've made a point of telling the many vets who have been involved in our kitten's care about Soft Paws, in hopes that they will pass the information on to other pet owners in similar situations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ruth Ann E.


Soft Paws saved my cats from being DECLAWED! My boyfriend and I recently spent a over a year and a ton of money remodeling our new home. The first day we brought the cats over to stay, they raked their claws in our newly painted door jams. They continued to wreak havoc, until my boyfriend and I agreed that we would declaw them if we couldn't find another solution. I REALLY didn't want to put Montgomery and Mabel through declawing, so I hopped online and did research. I tried squirt bottles and scratching posts, but still would come home to find molding mauled to bits. We resanded and repainted about every two days!!! Finally, I found Soft Paws, and ordered them for Montgomery, the larger and more destructive of the two. THESE THINGS WORKED WONDERS!!! They are so amazing, that I just ordered some for Mabel. I thank you, my boyfriend thanks you, and MOST OF ALL, my kitties thank you! What an amazing low-cost, pain-free product!

Devoted Soft Paws User,
Brandi H. (and Montgomery & Mabel, too)


I needed to let everyone know how great the Soft Paws work. We got our Siamese-mix as a kitten a little over a year ago, and Gracie's full of energy! She started clawing the furniture, even though she used her scratching post. We don't let her go outdoors, and we didn't want to have her declawed. I heard about these and decided to give them a try, not expecting them to work. We've been using them ever since, just replacing them as they shed every once in a while. She chews on them for a couple of minutes after we put them on, and then just forgets about them. We are very happy that we found these, and will continue to use them.

Thanks again,
Janice K.


Just wanted to let you know, like everyone else, I will never be without Soft Paws. OB Wan, who was used to scratching up all my furniture, took a particular liking to my new couch. I knew that declawing was out of the question, so I started doing a little research when I stumbled on your site. I got the product 2 days ago. He has no idea he's wearing these things, which really surprises me because he is the finickiest of cats. I've only replaced one and I think it's because there wasn't enough glue in it. Thanks so much for giving me one less thing to stress about in my life!


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