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Very impressed with product. Max was a real scratcher, and he doesn't even know he has these things on. Thanks. The thought of de-clawing him, and his little girl-friend, Mary Ann, broke my heart. They both seem very happy, to be wearing these things. Took me less than 10 minutes, per cat to apply. Max has lost a couple, Mary has not lost any yet, (10 days). Highly recommend, and have told all my cat friendly friends.

- Lloyd Allen

Hi, I just wanted to say how much we love the SoftPaws! I'm about to place another order. Sophie has the blue, and Theo has the red. Thank you!!

- Emily Trenbeath

We used this photo for our Christmas card in 2002 with the caption "Not a creature was stirring ..." We got so many comments about the Soft Paws that can been seen on Nikky's paws. Thanks for saving our furniture, our sanity and Nikky from undue pain.

- Barbara Laughon

My name is Ronnie. I have two kitties, their names are Lionel and Grendel. They both wear Soft Paws. We get three colors because the kitties seem to like it more. Grendel is the oldest, she's Grey, and she's three years old. Grendel was adopted from a farm in Iowa when she was really little. Daddy says she's his baby girl. Lionel is the youngest, he's black and white, and he's two years old. Lionel was adopted from a shelter in Oak Park, Illinois when he was little. Lionel had a broken leg when he went to the shelter, and he only had his cast off for 2 days when we adopted him. He was a ball of energy and he never changed. One time he knocked a plant onto my head at 3:00 in the morning when I was sleeping. Here are some cute pictures of our kitties wearing Soft Paws. I hope they're cute enough to put on your website.

- Ronnie Eddy Jr.

My cat Buffy hates to have her nails trimmed, something I had to (try to) do every couple of weeks. She's not really bad about scratching the furniture when we're home, but who knows what she does when we're not home!

So I decided to try SoftPaws and they were fairly easy to put on her. She licked her paws for a few minutes after they were on, but we distracted her with toys and now (a day later) she's fine with them. I can't say she loves them, because what cat doesn't like to dig her claws into something? But one of her favorite thing to do is to stand in my lap and knead, claws spread, so at least she can't dig her claws into me anymore! If only the SoftPaws could stop her from climbing on the kitchen counters... :)

- Kimberly Brown

I ordered soft paws w/very little hope they would actually work. They were my last hope. I had tried everything from scratching posts to sprays to two sided tape. In a desperate attempt to take care of my cat's scratching problem I ordered soft paws and am thrilled. My cat is not very cooperative when it comes to nail clipping, so I thought I was in for a struggle. I had the soft paws on her w/in 15-20 minutes!! I was prepared to go through a process of her getting used to them. However, she tried only briefly to get them off -in no time it seemed she was used to them. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your product.

Thanks again!

- Valerie Cordova

Thank you so much for the response. We have now had the Soft Paws on for a week and they are wonderful!! What a great idea!! I wish more people knew of these before they had irreversible surgery on their cats. Thank you again!!

- Coreena Dasuki

I admit it -- when I read the testimonials, I was skeptical. But I figured it was worth a try. Our 15-year-old cat has been "post-trained" since kittenhood, but that didn't stop him from shredding 2 sofas and 1 chair over the years. We tried all the deterrents -- tape, foil, awful smelling sprays -- but nothing worked for long. We resigned ourselves to that lived-in look.

I read that the paws were easy to apply -- they really were. Zachary tolerates me clipping his claws, and he tolerated the application of the paws as well.

I was sure he'd chew them off within an hour. Yes, I'd read that the cats hardly seem to know they're on, but my cat is very smart. I'm delighted to tell you that after a few minutes he really didn't seem to notice them. It's been a few days now, and he hasn't been bothered by his new paws in the least.

The best part is that, because of Soft Paws, we have decided against declawing our new kitten. We were very reluctant to consider declawing at all, but weren't willing to sacrifice our nice furniture. And now we don't have to. Thank you so much for providing this amazing product. I'll spread the word among all the cat owners I know!

- Annette Wiggins

FINALLY!! Our cat is no longer shredding my couch, my carpet or my children's faces and arms ("Whiskers" is very playful). I wish I would have had "Soft Paws" 2 years ago!!! I couldn't have "Whiskers" declawed, it just wasn't in me to do something that seemingly cruel to an animal and giving him away was too cruel to my little girl ("Whiskers" was all that she wanted for Christmas 2 years ago). However, recently I did talk to my local vet about declawing because I was at my wit's end with all the scratching going on in my home. Still, I just knew there had to be a better way to prevent all this damage. I found "Soft Paws" on the internet, THANK GOODNESS!!! Now we can all live in the same house in harmony. Thank you so much.

- D'Ann Dunston, Tennessee

I just wanted to say that i love your product. We just adopted our second baby, she is a year old and came from the shelter. We have a 13 year old already and she is already declawed so we feared of fights with our older girl as well as our velvet couch. I'm so glad i have an alternative to the terrible declawing. I will tell everyone i know what a wonderful product this is. It took two of us for application, one to hold one; one to apply. The hardest part was trimming! application was easy. Thank you for the super fast shipment. we ordered on Thursday night and received them on Saturday. Thank you so much again.

- Kimberly and Miso

I'm Jan Adams, the proud owner of Sasha. She looks adorable in her pink Soft Paws which match her pink harness. She goes for daily walks around the neighborhood on a leash and is the envy of all Madeira Beach cat owners.

- Jan Adams, Madeira Beach

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. My kitties were the guinea pigs for a group of us that volunteer at an animal shelter. I love them, but our furniture was not nice enough to keep up with them. Now we have new couches and are going to start using them again. When I handled adoptions at the animal shelter, I told everyone about them.

I just wanted to let you know that I find my cats each take a size smaller than recommended. I find they stay on better. My large (16 pound) male is the only one who takes a medium. My Maine Coone (with unusually small claws even though she has big feet) and 2 medium size females take smalls. If someone is having trouble keeping them on, it might be a good idea to try one size smaller. Thanks for creating such a great product!!!

- Stacie Perez

Hi just wanted to let you know I applied softpaws on my kitten and they work great! I was a little messy putting them on at first, but I got the hang of it fast. They don't seem to bother her and they stay clean on her paws. I am glad I did my research before getting her declawed, thanks!

- Dana , Jacksonville, FL

A few years ago, I adopted an older cat from the local humane society. After a few months, I discovered that he was using his hind claws to scratch at his face and neck, which was causing terrible sores and injuries. After testing for mites, fungus, etc...the vet diagnosed allergies. I tried everything to fix this problem, including change in diet, not using fabric softener on my clothes, minimizing the use of household cleaners, etc... Nothing worked. After a serious illness that landed him in the kitty hospital for several days, it was also discovered that he has a medical condition that completely prevents the use of steroids to treat the problem. I was at our wits end and was considering declawing. Even though I don't believe in declawing at all, my poor cat was in such misery all the time that I thought it might be worth it.

Before I took that drastic step, though, my vet came to the rescue and recommended Soft Paws……. What do you know - they worked! After some struggle to get the initial pair on, he ignored them for the most part, and they stayed on for weeks. Although he still scratches at himself, he can't cause injury anymore. And he scratches a lot less now because he doesn't have open sores to put bacteria, dirt, and allergens into. I have to replace one or two every couple of weeks, which is definitely not as much of a hassle as everything else I went through trying to cure his allergies.

Your product was a lifesaver for my cat, and has improved the quality of his life 100%. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Kira

I just wanted to say that this product is awesome! I recently just put softpaws on my cat and she got used to them in minutes. And they great on her (purple ones)! This is such a great alternative to declawing and I'm sooo glad I didn't have to do that to her. I probably couldn't have actually. My cat and I are very, very satisfied customers!

Thanks again!

- Sylvie Laflamme

I just want to express my appreciation for a great invention. So far my cat Donner has left my new living room furniture alone. What a great idea, and so much more humane. I absolutely oppose declawing for any reason, but my male cat is strictly indoor, which left me in a dilemma when I could finally replace my old shredded furniture. Also, the picture of the cat on the Softpaws package.......looks exactly like Donner! Thanks for a truly useful product.

- June Creson

When we moved to South Florida, we had a 10 yr old cat who loved to tear up the furniture. So instead of declawing him, we found ONE vet in the area who put on soft paws....A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!! Clyde never messed with the furniture again, and we FINALLY got him to use A scratching post. He's in Kitty heaven now. By the way, his was an indoor cat and spent a lot of time on our screened in porch. I would highly recommend them to EVERYONE. Now that I know your website, I will send people to it.

- Wendy La Magdeline, Boca Raton, FL

Hi, I want to thank you for sending my soft paws order. I am very pleased with them and only wish I had heard about them long before now. My cat just loved to tear wallpaper - soft paws has now put a stop to this. I shall be ordering more from you again. Once again, thank you very much.

- Peter Sheehan, Dublin, Ireland

I thank you, thank you, thank you for this product! Although I do understand why people do it, I will never ever de-claw my cats. We are about to move in to a beautiful new place and have purchased brand new furniture. I had heard about soft paws and ordered them … and I was nervous about how the application was gonna go. I have 2 cats. Milo is laid back and receives insulin shots 2 x's a day. He does not need the sp's. Missy, on the other hand, is not as laid back. I have been massaging her toes all week in preparation. I came home and headed straight into the bathroom. I grabbed her up and the WHOLE process took less than FIVE mins.! It is also the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is a pastel calico but her legs and paws are solid white. I bought the red so they really stand out! I am a customer for life and will tell everyone about this product!

- Tracy Seago

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