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Nail Caps for Cats
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SoftPaws for Cats Accessories for Cats and Dogs SoftPaws for Dogs
Check out our cat toys! Check out our fabulous cat collars! Cats and water don't always mix, but these lovely nail caps allow them to go together like bees and honey.
Check out our dog toys! Check out our fabulous dog collars! The ocean, the waves, the sun, the warm air. Our California Surfer nail cap combo keeps all of these joys close at hand for you and your dog.
Refreshing, crisp, and cool. Your dog's nail caps will reflect the joys of summertime watermelon. While sporting our Beach Ball Combo nail caps, your cat can dream about chasing and batting at colorful balls all day long. When your dog heads out for a walk in this nail combo, thoughts of a colorful beach ball glinting in the summer sun will put a spring in both your steps.
Watermelon and summer go together and so do cats and our Watermelon Combo. Your cat's cool, refreshing nails will match the season perfectly. Sunshine and blue skies: humans and cats both love them. And if the spring day is cloudy and rainy, you can still enjoy a bit of clear sky when your kitty prances by in these nail caps. Skies so clear and blue, you'll need to wear your shades. These nail caps are the perfect accessory for the clear blue, sparkly skies of spring.
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