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I started using Soft Paws on my cat, Cleo, one year ago. I am still amazed at how well they work for us! My cat doesn't even notice that she has them on and I only have to replace one on average, once a week. It is well worth the cost to me and I'm sure my cat is much happier than if I were to declaw her. I just wish I had tried them sooner because my last couch (which was very expensive) was completely destroyed by her. I tell everyone I know how great they are...they think I have stock in your company!

Thank you for an awesome product...and fast delivery!

Devlyn Gorby & Cleo


I am writing to you today to tell you what a great product Soft Paws are. They were easy to apply, and "Bob" doesn't even realize he's wearing them. Bob was hit by a car seven months ago and had extensive damage to the right side of his face when we adopted him. He lost the vision in his right eye and his nasal passage was crushed on the right side also. Since then he has persisted to scratch the right side of his face with his right rear claws until bloody, so he's been wearing a cone for most of the last seven months. His vet tells me he's fine, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, Bob's cone came off today for the last time, he thanks you and I Thank You.

Ken G.


I just wanted to write you a quick thank you! First and foremost, thank you for offering this wonderful way to NOT have your cat declawed. I was at my wits end with the cat I adopted from the Humane Society - she was always testing her claws on my furniture, my daughter, and myself. Now, we don't have to fear her sitting on our laps!! Plus, she looks really cute with bright pink claws!

Secondly, and most important to me as a consumer, thank you for offering excellent customer service! I called your 800 number today to inquire on getting some additional glue for my Soft Paws. Not only did I get a prompt call back, the representative from your company was very kind, helpful, and offered to send me a couple tubes of glue and the application tips! Having been in customer service positions for 10+ years, I am always hypercritical of the service I am given and found your representatives to be above and beyond excellent.

Thank you again!
Tracey H.
p.s. my cat thanks you too!


I made the mistake of having a cat declawed (all 4 paws). His personality changed a lot. He acted like he was in retractable pain. I felt soooo bad, but it was too late. I have a Maine Coon and a mixed breed also. I just ordered Soft Paws for both of them. I didn't have my show cat declawed because he is "special". But I realized that all of my pets are special. My children are grown and my grandchildren are around frequently and we stress the importance of treating animals like people. If they wouldn't want something done to them we teach them not to do it to the animals either. It has changed my philosophy toward a lot of things. I didn't realize how much I have changed, for the better, until I promote safety and humane treatment for all living creatures. I am proud of you and the work you do to help the animals. I wish I had a Noah's ark so I could have two of every living creature on the earth, but my husband likes to eat, therefore currently we have only 2 snakes and 2 cats. But I wish I had more. Cathy Harrison

Thank you. I just had them put on and he doesn't seem too concerned about them, so I think they are going to work out great.

Great product!
Laura H.


You can add my name to the list of satisfied customers. Soft Paws has given us one less thing to argue about!! I have three very busy cats, who can't seem to remember their manners, especially around the new furniture and carpeting. I recently moved into a new house with my fiancé, who I might add had many reservations about the quantity of cats I brought in tow. He was right, the first object of the cat's obsession was the new carpeting on the stairs; I spent many of nights chasing them away and then locking them in the basement. The furniture was next.......I purchased Soft Paws back in June, the first application was easier than I had expected. The biggest problem was the abundance of cat hair, I was covered from head to toe, but it was well worth it. I'm a little lax about reapplying nails when one falls off, I usually wait until at least three or four are missing, but the stress level in my house (for all of us) has just about disappeared. Thanks to Soft Paws I can sleep an entire night!

-Lisa H.


I just wanted to write to you to tell you what a wonderful product Soft Paws is. I live in a rented apartment and my cat is destroying them. I was worried about my landlord making us pay for them. I didn't want to declaw Mickey, but I was running out of alternatives. I did an internet search about declawing and saw Soft Paws referenced many times. I ordered them and put them on right away. He was not distressed at all while I applied them and he hasn't licked at them yet. So far so good. Now when he scratches at the rug nothing happens. I am so happy I found an alternative to maiming my best friend.

Thanks again!
Amy I.


I am writing from Paw-Paw, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ. We have a kitty named Mitchell; he is a three year old polydactyl. He has a disorder known only as self mutilating behavior. He has no skin disease, no fungus or parasites, no earmites,and no viruses which can be tested. The cats at this facility are on Nutro cat food; and filtered water. They are strictly indoors and are all fixed and current on their vaccines for upper respiratory, leukemia, and FIP.

The Soft Paws have helped to protect his skin.

Mitchell has his beautiful pink paws; only real men can wear pink, you know! He looks so darn cute. He is still able to rub the fur off around his neck and face, but at least now he cannot break the skin, and that is a big, big help. I bet you never figured Soft Paws for this use. We can't thank you enough.

Sherri M.


Thanks! By the way, I can't tell you how much my grandmother's oriental rug appreciates Soft Paws...the cats were tearing it up so badly I had just about decided to put it back into storage when our cat sitter told us about Soft Paws. They saved the day; now we can enjoy the rug without fretting about the cats destroying it--and I love the double-takes guests do when they spot blue, red, pink, and purple nails! (Have you thought about adding green so we can decorate them for Christmas?)



I received my order today. It was much easier than I expected to put on My little troublemaker... and so far they're working! I had to write and say thank you for such a great product. So far so good!

Margo K.


I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love my kitties Soft Paws. Actually, so does he! They work so well and I just want to thank you!

Michele Q.


A vet receptionist told me that Soft Paws "don't work very well, because you have to keep re-applying them all the time," and hence, they do not carry them.

Well, for my purposes, they work great. My cat has diabetes, which causes any wounds he gets to take longer to heal. Sometimes, he wrestles with my other cats and ends up with a small scratch on the back of his neck. He scratches it with his back claws, causing it to spread and preventing it from healing. A "lampshade" collar rides too high to protect the wound. Before I was able to find Soft Paws, the best I could do was apply a band-aid, then a collar made from an old sock. At wits end, I had to consider rear declaw, which would have been very risky considering the diabetes. If such a situation has not come to your attention in the past, I think it may be valuable in your marketing efforts. Feel free to use this information as you will.

Thank you!
James M.


I just wanted to write to express my complete satisfaction with your product. I have two cats at home that moderately scratch the furniture, but my big problem was my boy Jacob. He's a very protective territorial cat. That means he's so adorable and lovable to me- he will let me hold him like a baby and he never gives me attitude, but when I have friends over he becomes vicious (he bats his claws and hisses at people- even those who are over frequently). I was torn between my cat and my friends. I had to come to some sort of decision after he tore up my friends leg while she was feeding him when I was out of town. Declawing was absolutely out of the question, so I decided to finally give soft paws a try (I had heard of them awhile ago, but never gave it any thought). It was a unique experience applying them the first time- my boys were tolerant enough and didn't seem to notice any thing was different. This last week has been great (I've only had to reapply 5 caps between the two of them)and they haven't scratched me or my friends or the furniture.

Thanks for a product that saves not only their claws but their emotional well being (and mine!) I will be a lifetime customer!

William M.


I was adopted by two adult cats, Duke and Molly, a couple years ago.
Scratching became a big problem. As a responsible pet owner, getting rid of them was out of the question. However, allowing them to damage my property needed to come to an abrupt halt. My veterinarian had three options: tendonectomy, declawing or Soft Paws. Because of their age, and ONLY because of their age, I didn't feel right about the first two options. I decided to try Soft Paws. I applied Soft Paws to the front claws on both of my cats. After seeing the results, I applied them to their back claws as well. This product works very well. This is saving my clothes and furniture. My recommendations for 1st time users..........the first application is the worst, but after that you're only replacing one every once in a tough out the first application. A second set of hands wouldn't hurt either. When I have to replace one, I kind of incorporate it into affection or playing. If they resist, I back off for a bit. After applying just a few, you'll be a pro. I'm so glad this product was developed. It's reduced the stress of a pet owner tremendously.

Thanks Soft Paws!!!

John O.


My name is Jessica and my 11-month old kitty's name is Kyra. She was bound and determined to scratch her way under the door to the spare room in our apartment. My husband and I are very morally against declawing and would never put our little one through that, but my husband was very adamant that we had to find a solution or get rid of Kyra.

I tried the sprays that are supposed to deter the cat, but they actually drew her to that spot more than before. I tried putting tape on the carpet in that spot, but that didn't work either. I was running out of solutions fast, and my husband was losing patience.

Then one day, as I was looking for suggestions on the internet, I came across your website. I was very skeptical, but also desperate. I called the 800-number to ask a few questions and was pleasantly surprised at how helpful your customer service was. I decided to give it a chance, for Kyra.

I sent a check for one pack of purple caps. (I ordered purple so I could see the ones she chewed off on our white carpet while she adjusted.) They arrived just days later, to my relief. I attempted to put them on Kyra myself, but she is very athletic and strong, and does not like to be restrained. So I enlisted the help of my husband when he got home. He held her and applied the caps. It was very easy once I could work with both hands.

Kyra wasn't sure about them at first. She licked and tugged, as I was advised she would, but in just three days she adjusted and no longer notices them or tries to take them off. When we play she can't scratch me, and when Victor and I sleep, she can't tear up the carpet! It's wonderful. We're so glad there is a humane solution. Thank you so much!

-Jessica O.


Thank you so much for Soft Paws! When I moved to Oregon to go to school, no one would accept my cat! After months of searching, I finally found an apartment that would allow me to keep Mojo, but only if I declawed him! I don't believe in declawing, so I was faced with quite a dilemma. Thank goodness for Soft Paws! My landlord gets intact carpets, I get to keep my cat, and my cat gets to keep his claws. We're all very happy. Thank you, Dr. Christianne Schelling!

-Dena P. & Mojo the Cat

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