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Ways to Make Your Indoor Cat Super Happy

Learn ways to keep your indoor cat happy and active.

When your cat stays inside all the time, it takes some extra work on your part to keep her engaged, active, and mentally stimulated. A cat that becomes bored and inactive can get overweight and develop associated health problems or get stressed and show related behavior problems (like inappropriate urination and scratching).

Here are a few things you can do to keep things fresh and exciting for your indoor cat.

Make Your Home Cat-Tastic

Create a cat-friendly home by providing lots of great stuff for your cat to do. Get a variety of good-quality scratching posts and trees and put them in different spots in your home. You may build stable catwalks up high so your kitty can roam around above the floor, which cats love. Add hiding spots like Cat Caves and cardboard boxes, so your kitty has lots of small spaces to hang out in. You could even look into building a catio so your cat can enjoy some safe outdoor space.

Make Interactive Playtime Exciting

Your cat is a predator at heart, so interactive play with a wand toy is probably going to be a favorite pastime for her. You get to use the wand to imitate a bird or rodent, running away from the kitty and hiding behind things. Be sure to put the wand toys away when it isn't playtime, so your cat doesn't get entangled in them.

Rotate Toys and Use Catnip or Honeysuckle Spray

Cats can become bored with the same toys all the time, so it helps to keep a box with a variety of toys which you can rotate in and out regularly. You can use catnip or honeysuckle spray to rejuvenate old toys and reignite your cat's interest in them too.

Provide Some Cat-Safe Plants for Your Cat to Enjoy

Plant some catnip or cat grass that your kitty can chew on and enjoy. Make sure it's cat-safe and don't use any fertilizer or other chemicals on it.

Use Puzzle Toys and Provide a Water Fountain

Puzzle toys filled with your cat's kibble can be beneficial in keeping your cat engaged and mentally stimulated. It's more like hunting, which is something our indoor cats miss when we simply fill their bowls with food.

Cats also like to drink running water, and many cats love having a drinking fountain. They might play in it a little too, so consider putting it on a mat or easy-to-dry flooring. The drinking fountain can also encourage your cat to drink more water, which fights dehydration and decreases the risk of some serious conditions like kidney disease.

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