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Use Soft Paws® for Life Transitions

Soft Paws can ease the transition of a new pet into the household.

Life is full of transitions. Some of them impact our pets, too. When you are expecting a life transition involving your pets, it's best to think ahead and do what you can to mitigate the stress and make it a more pleasant time for all involved.

Use Soft Paws® When You Bring a New Pet Home

Bringing home a new pet is fun. But it can also hold some challenges. For instance, sometimes things aren't all lovey-dovey and happy between newly introduced pets. As much as we'd like our sweet fur-balls to get along, it can be a process.

It's best to let pets take their time getting to know each other, and newly introduced pets should always be kept separated when you aren't able to supervise them.

But there's an additional way to help keep your pets safer when they're first getting to know one another: Soft Paws®.

When you bring a new kitten, cat, puppy, or dog into your home, the pet that already lives there might become disgruntled. After all, the newcomer doesn't know the rules that the old-timer has carefully put into place to ensure the smooth running of the home.

Sometimes, during the introductory period between pets, there is some squabbling. For instance, an older cat might take a swipe at a kitten or puppy, or a new rescue cat might feel defensive and scratch at the resident cat or dog.

Outfitting all of the pets involved with Soft Paws® can help mitigate any damage they do to each other during this time. Not only will you feel more comfortable letting them work things out, but they will be less likely to hold grudges against one another for painful scratches.

Note: Using Soft Paws® doesn't guarantee that your pets won't injure each other. They are not a substitute for utilizing proper introduction techniques, and they are definitely not meant to replace supervision and separation strategies for keeping the peace when you get a new pet.


Soft Paws® Decreases Damage Done by Rambunctious Babies

Sometimes puppies and kittens can play a bit "fast and loose" with their claws as they are learning what is acceptable behavior while living with humans and what is not. This can lead to some scratched up human arms and legs as well as shredded drapes and furniture in the home.

Soft Paws® can help protect your skin and your home from baby dog and cat claws. Using the vinyl caps on youngsters has the added benefit of getting your pet used to wearing them early, allowing you to use them easily throughout her life.

Use Soft Paws® When Moving

Moving from one home to another can be stressful for pets. Cats, especially, may release their stress by scratching. Be prepared by applying Soft Paws® before the move. This can help ensure that your new home or rental will be as safe from scratching damage as possible.

Give your pet extra attention, patience, and play time after the move to help ease the transition, as well.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're introducing new pets to one another, bringing home a new kitten or puppy, or getting your pets used to a new home, Soft Paws® can make things easier for you and your furry family members.

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