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Soft Paws® May Help People with Diabetes Keep Their Pets

People with diabetes can use soft paws to help protect them from scratches.

When a person has diabetes, they might have slower healing rates and be at higher risk of developing dangerous infections from pet scratches. Soft Paws® can help decrease the risk of pet scratches and help people with diabetes continue to interact with their pets.

Soft Paws® Can Help Prevent Pet Scratches

Pets can scratch us sometimes even when they don't mean to. The most common times this happens are:

  • When a dog jumps up on a person, and his front claws scratch their legs or arms.
  • When a cat or dog jumps off a person's lap, and his rear claws scratch their thighs.
  • When a cat or dog is scared by something while a person is holding him, and he either uses his rear feet to jump away from them or tries to scramble further up the person's body.

Of course, intentional scratches can sometimes happen, too, especially with cats, but these accidental scratches are usually more common.

Consider Soft Paws® to Decrease the Risk of Pet Scratches

Soft Paws® are vinyl caps that are meant to cover and stick to a pet's claws. They aren't painful and they don't interfere with a cat's ability to extend and retract her claws.

Soft Paws® cover the sharp part of a pet's nail, which might otherwise puncture skin accidentally during the above circumstances. They're easy to apply, and the process gets easier for both you and your pet as you practice more.

Most pets keep Soft Paws® on without a problem, but some bite at them and try to pull them off in the beginning. You might have to reapply the caps more often in the early stages of getting your pet used to wearing them. You can also apply a product like Yuk or Bitter Apple Spray to the caps to deter this.

If you have diabetes, Soft Paws® might help you avoid accidental scratches from your pet and decrease your risk of developing an infection from them.

If you are scratched or bitten by your pet, clean it out thoroughly and contact your doctor for further instructions.

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