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Using Soft Paws® for Your Pet's Medical Problems

Vinyl nail caps can help dogs with certain medical problems.

There are a variety of medical conditions and situations that result in a dog or cat scratching her own body with her rear claws. These include but aren't limited to:

  • Inhalant allergies
  • Flea allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Skin mites
  • Ear mites

As the pet scratches herself due to the underlying condition, she quickly damages the skin in the area. This leaves it more susceptible to infection. The infection creates more discomfort, and the pet scratches more. It is a vicious cycle in which, unfortunately, many pets find themselves.

If your pet is scratching, has an injury to a nail or any other part of the body, has an eye problem, or shows signs of any other medical condition, visit your veterinarian immediately. Soft Paws® should be used only in conjunction with proper medical treatment, not as a substitute for a veterinarian's care.

How Can Soft Paws® Help?

When your pet is wearing Soft Paws® vinyl nail caps, her skin is more protected from her claws when she scratches herself. The medical problem is more manageable without the secondary trauma and infection that occurs from chronic scratching.

Other Medical Conditions Eased by Soft Paws®

Besides conditions that cause scratching with the hind claws, Soft Paws® can help with medical situations that involve the claws themselves. Injuries can occur to the claws, or they may be afflicted with certain skin conditions that can cause them to be vulnerable. An animal with particular back and neck problems may drag the tops of her feet when she walks, leading to wearing down of the claws that can eventually result in pain and infection. Soft Paws® can't be applied to raw tissue, but once the nails are healed enough to apply them (bandages may need to be used until that point is reached), the Soft Paws® can help protect the animal's nails from that point on.

Some dogs wear their claws down more than others because of the way they walk or how their feet are shaped. These dogs can wear the claws down to the quick. It is then painful for them to walk, and they will be prone to infection. These dogs' claws may be protected by applying Soft Paws®. The vinyl nail caps can't be applied unless the claws are intact and the soft tissue isn't exposed. Some dogs may need to wear booties or bandages until their claws grow enough to make Soft Paw® application possible. Check with your veterinarian to find out if Soft Paws® may help your dog's condition and when it's safe to apply them.

An animals with a chronic eye or nose condition may benefit from wearing Soft Paws®, especially on the front dewclaws because she may use these "thumbs" to rub her face, causing serious damage to herself.

Eye conditions in pets can be serious. Soft Paws® should never be used as a substitute for proper medical attention. Visit your veterinarian immediately if something about your pet's health appears abnormal.

Soft Paws® are a versatile product that can be extremely helpful when a pet has a medical condition.

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