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Pets Other Than Dogs and Cats That Can Wear Soft Paws®

Chickens can wear Soft Paws® to help decrease scratching damage.

You probably know that Soft Paws® can be used on dogs and cats to decrease the potential for damage to people and belongings from scratches, but did you know that there are many other pets that can be fitted with and benefit from the vinyl claw caps?

It's true, most pets with claws can wear Soft Paws®. Using them can help decrease the risk of any damage that might be done to people or property by your pet's nails.

Which Pets Can Wear Soft Paws®?

Here are some of the types of pets with which our customers have success using Soft Paws®:

  • Chickens and roosters
  • Iguanas
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets

Supervise your pet immediately after placing Soft Paws®. Distract him with a treat or play session until he is no longer paying attention to the caps.

What Size Soft Paws® Should I Choose for My Pet?

Iguanas can be fitted with Soft Paws®. Iguanas with Soft Paws® are less likely to scratch people or belongings.

In general, you can use the following guidelines when choosing a size for your pet:

  • Ferrets: Choose kitten size
  • Rabbits: Choose dog size small
  • Iguanas: Measure your iguana, not including the tail. If under one foot, try kitten size. If over one foot, try dog size small. You will probably need to trim them at the base a bit for the best fit, and the best accepted color is black.

Wildlife rehabbers can sometimes use Soft Paws in their work.

Soft Paws® Used by Raptor Rescue Group

Upstate Birds of Prey, a rescue and rehabilitation group that helps injured and sick birds recover, sometimes uses Soft Paws® on the birds' claws. Because their blood supply goes all the way to the tips of the claws, they can't be trimmed. This particular osprey had leg injuries that caused his toes to contract, and the claws were curling in, damaging his feet. Soft Paws® protected the bird's feet.

Rehab groups that work with raccoons, squirrels, and fox also sometimes use Soft Paws® to help in their rehabilitation efforts.

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