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7 Ways Pets Make Humans Happier

Having pets makes people happier.

Having a pet is a lot of work, but luckily, it's more than worth it in so many ways. Cats and dogs (and other pets too) can really add to a person's overall happiness and the joy they experience daily. Here are some of the ways that pets help make their humans happier.

Pets Reduce Our Stress

It's well-documented that petting dogs and cats can help lower a person's blood pressure. Therapy pets can aid people in a variety of ways and are used to help people in hospitals, those suffering from PTSD or anxiety, and even kids with autism. It's soothing and calming simply being around a pet.

Pets Help Relieve Loneliness

When pets live with or are routinely brought into senior living homes, the residents experience less loneliness. And this can be the case for someone who lives alone or even someone who lives with others but experiences frequent bouts of sadness or loneliness. Pets can help provide connection. They don't have anything on their agenda each day other than to hang out with their people and provide love and fun.

Pets Encourage Laughter

Pets are super funny. They do cute things and can be the comedic relief in almost any situation. And laughter is a very powerful stress reliever and health booster.

In fact, even watching funny cat videos on the internet is known to reduce stress for people.

Having a Pet Makes You Take Time to Play and Exercise

When you have a pet, you must take time out every day to engage in play with them. If you don't, they could develop unwanted behaviors or be unhealthy because they gain weight. Having that time built into your schedule to indulge in play can be invaluable for some people who otherwise might not carve that time out for themselves.

Pets Can Help You Connect with People

Many people love animals, and having a dog, especially, can help you connect with others. When you take your dog for a walk and frequent places that other dog-owners also go, like dog parks, dog beaches, and dog-friendly restaurant patios, you will find that people reach out to start conversations with you more often. Or it may be easier for you to strike up a conversation about someone else's dog.

A Cat's Purr Can Help with Healing

Cat purrs are the perfect frequency for encouraging bone healing. This might explain why cats have fast fracture healing rates and some scientists think that having a purring cat nearby can help humans' bones heal faster too.

Owning Pets Encourages Empathy and Responsibility

This is especially the case for children. Having a pet that needs to have certain things done for him and must be protected from getting hurt or into trouble can really help a child develop responsibility and empathy. Those are traits that can lead to greater happiness throughout life.

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