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Did you ever have a question about your cat or dog but you weren’t sure who to ask?

Why do they act the way they do?

What's good and bad for them?

How to keep them as healthy as possible?

And what about training problems?

Well, we've created two great newsletters to help answer all of your burning questions:

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In addition to being a FREE resource, these extremely informative newsletters are created by a professional, veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling. They’re full of all kinds of helpful information about health care, behavior, training, and a host of other topics that will demystify the strange and wonderful worlds of cats and dogs.

You'll find these newsletters fun and easy to read, but you'll be getting really important and helpful information with every issue. By choosing from one of the two (or both!) you'll easily be able to read the information that is applicable to your household.

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