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I just wanted to write to say thank you on behalf of my cat!

The Problem


Due to allergy problems she formed a habit of scratching herself until she bled, and even though we have identified and fixed the allergy problem, we weren't able to stop the habit of scratching.

She would keep knocking any scab off any wound so that it couldn't heal. We tried all sorts of things (after lots of trips to the vet) but the best solution we could find was to keep a plastic elizabethan collar on her most of the time to prevent her from hurting herself.

Obviously this made her quite unhappy, because it was harder for her to jump/play and she could only wash herself when we took the collar off (which we would do twice a day, but during that time we would have to supervise her closely, ie be within arms reach of her at all times, to prevent her from hurting herself).

The Solution


I only discovered your product on the internet by accident and read a couple of testemonials from other cat owners who had similar problems to ours. Before that I'd never heard of anyone with the same problem (let alone such a great solution), I ordered the product, but was too scared to get my hopes up that it would really work.

I cannot tell you how happy we are that Soft Paws have completely fixed the problem. My cat is so happy to be free of the collar, she can't hurt herself with the Soft Paws on and we've even noticed that she's not trying to scratch herself much anymore - the habit is gradually just disappearing.

I thought she would try to pull the Soft Paws off - but she was quite fine about it. One month later I feel confident to call this a truly amazing success.

Raising Awareness


I've been telling anyone I can think of including my own vet (and my close friend who is a vet, but living in London) about this product to try to raise awareness, as I wish someone had told us about it earlier!

Thanks again! Your product has made all the difference in the world to my cat's quality of life.



I vary rarely send comments to people about their products, but I couldn't help it in this case...

Soft Paws are a simple, easy to use, quality product, and in this day and age this is quite astonishing to see...

It is great to see a product like this, to receive it within 2 days of ordering it, to use it, and have it work like a charm...



I just wanted to let you know that this product worked so well for my cat Athena, I had to get it for my other cat also!

I am against declawing - but this product will help preserve my furniture. My cats are post trained, but sometimes they get it in their head that a certain chair or something is acceptable. I really like this product and my cats seem to have had no problem wearing them. We're all very happy.

My cat is wearing Soft Paws for the first time ever and she doesn't even know it. Declawing wasn't an option, but something had to be done about my cat scratching my BRAND NEW COUCH. Everyone is happy again in my house.

Thank you Soft Paws!

-Lexa H.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my package of Soft Paws today and put them on my cats and they are none the worse for it. Unbelievable!! They don't even know they're there. Thank you so much for giving cat owners their furniture back. You have taken care of the only drawback to having housebound cats. I'll be ordering again soon.

Thanks so much,
Tricia A.


Thanks for sending the order so quickly—My sister is a vet in Massachusetts and she recommended Soft Paws when we moved into our new house-They are so great! We've only used the clear ones-My kids can't wait to use the "designer" purple!!

Thanks again!
Laura J.


I also rarely write about products, but I just have to share what a wonderful job this product does for my cats. I am a breeder and a Specialty Judge with UFO (United Feline Organization). I think Soft Paws is such a terrific idea, and such an easy alternative to declawing a cat. I have a household pet that used to scratch endlessly where she shouldn't. I talked with my vet and discovered Soft Paws. She has worn the pink Soft Paws ever since. Her name is Twinkle Toes - Twinkie, and she's a black & white rescued kitty. She is known nationally for her pink toes. She was the Best Household Pet in the Southern Region in UFO last year, and the 8th Household Pet Nationally. She is currently the Best Household Pet again in the Southern Region and number 3 Nationally so far this year.

Thanks for such a wonderful product. I recommend them at all the shows I attend!

I sure hope it helps....saving one kitty at a time from declawing.

Laura G.


Thanks for a great product and super customer service! My furniture absolutely adores your product and we're so pleased at the prompt shipping.

Our thanks for a great idea!
Toni K.


This is my girl Noel showing offer their ultra girly pink claws!

Greer F.


Here is a picture of my cat Zebra wearing Soft Paws.

-Rena H.


I was skeptical that a) I could get them on as easily as I did b) my cat would chew them off (which he didn't) c) they would stay on for as long as they have 2+ weeks and counting. I'm sold and have already told my friends and my catsitter about them.



Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my (and my kitty's) heart! we are so delighted with "Soft Paws". We were searching for an acceptable (humane) alternative to declawing. My cat's health and happiness come before my new furniture. However, it is nice to be able to enjoy both! Soft Paws are everything that you describe and more. My cat allowed me to outfit her in her purple paws without issue. It took about 3 minutes to apply them and they remain on all 10 nails even after the first application (10 days ago).

Thank you again for caring enough about animals to support and endorse such an important product. I will surely recommend Soft Paws to anyone in need of the perfect alternative to declawing (an unacceptable alternative).

Sincerely,Jennifer B.


I ordered a couple of sets of (clear) Soft Paws from you recently. I have four kitties who are largely trained to the several scratching posts in my house, but sometimes claw on my bed dust ruffle and my bedside chair.

They were very easy to apply and none of my cats seemed to mind them afterwards. I worried they might "walk funny" or lick their paws excessively for a few days -- this never happened. I can't tell they're in place (they are), so next time I might order one of the colored sets. Colored ones would also make it easier to find a dropped one!

Robin M.


Our cat Natash loves her Soft Paws. We were worried she would tear them off first chance, but she hasn't seemed to notice. She was abused as a kitten before we adopted her, so she scares easily. This product has saved us from multiple scratches!

Thank you sooo much!
Sean and Amanda


Pooka Winky and I love them - and we think every kitty in the world and their person should have these as an option. I first heard about them from my American vet in England and I had a hard time finding out about them. When I got to the States, someone eventually told me the name of the product and I found it immediately on-line. I would like to bring some pamphlets back to England and try to get every beloved kitty across the pond into "toe shoes".

Pooka Winky and his Mommy


I just placed my second order of Soft Paws. These are absolutely wonderful. Travis, my black Persian, thinks he looks sooooo cool with his red toes and had no problem adapting to them. I found that playing with a string after putting them on gets him used to them very quickly. I'm recommending Soft Paws to all my cat lover friends for all their furred children. Next time ole Travis will be sporting the shocking pink ones hahaha

Thanks so much,
Judi S.

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