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Please read through our myriad of testimonials collected over the years - from happy and satisified customers and cats all over the world! Everyone loves their Soft Paws® !

  • testimonial1.jpg

    "I just wanted to thank you for your amazing creation. Madeleine's Soft Paws have been on for almost 6 weeks, and she has had no objection to them whatsoever. I have finally been able to take the towels off of all my furniture! I will continue to buy Soft Paws, and have already recommended them to all my friends with cats.

    Here's a picture of Maddie, displaying her beautiful "maddicure," as we call it. Thanks, SoftPaws!"

    - Rebecca & Madeleine

  • testimonial2.jpg

    “I don’t usually write in to testimonials but your great response and quick service was excellent!!!

    Jasper loves ripping into anything he can get his claws into, and it became a bit of a concern when we moved into a rental with brand new carpets, Declawing him was a thought until my vet mentioned your web site, I had never herd of nail caps for cats, but now I cant imagine Jasper without them!

    Not only do the purple nails look funky with his white coat it stops him from pulling at the furniture and carpet, they are easy to put on and he doesn’t even know he has them!!
    Thank you so much for all your help and great service!!"

    - Claire Pearson

  • testimonial3.jpg

    "I wanted to tell you how much I and my cat Mies love softpaws.

    These are great! Mies doesn't mind wearing them or even me putting them on him and I don't mind him playing with the chair or my arm. Now only if you made them for teeth.

    Thank you again for such a great product and such quick delivery every time."

    - Matthew McCluggage & Mies, Louisville, Kentucky

  • testimonial4.jpg

    "Received the Soft Paws today, after ordering on Friday! Wow! They only took about 5 minutes to apply, and our Milo doesn’t mind them at all.

    Great idea and great product!

    Thanks and have a great day!"

    - Suzette

  • newtestimonial1.jpg

    " I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your product. There is no way I would ever put my cat thru the torture of declawing. Bought the hot pink, goes well with her color, she's a blue cream point. Think next time I will try the red. For anyone wondering how the cat will accept them I will tell you this. Put all ten on at one time and she never moved while doing it. Not once has she tried to take them off. Thanks again for such a wonderful alternative."

    - Larry Waldron

  • testimonial6.jpg

    "Hi, just wanted to be another voice in the crowd about how great your product is.
    My 2 cats are very vigorous scratchers, and I a very stupid human since I bought a big leather couch/scratching post. So this product is the total answer. They literally did not
    even blink an eyelash when I applied them, by myself! I really expected a lot of fussing,
    but it was a NON EVENT!

    Thank you! (PS now I have stress dreams about "running out" of Soft Paws"!) Also … here is Minky, and we used the two-tone black and white paws since he is very fussy about his grooming and we thought that they were very spiffy.This morning the windows were open, and a stray cat was outside making faces at him. They were hissing and yelling and I
    went to pick him up from the window sill and he turned around and punched me in
    the eye! Just an animal reflex...but the Soft Paws saved my eye from major scratch damage. Another testimonial!"

    - your satisfied customer, Claire Gallicano

  • testimonial7.jpg

    I have attached a picture of one of my cats, Oreo, with her SoftPaws on. She is practically smiling!

    My husband and I recently moved to England, and we adopted 2 kittens. No matter how hard we tried, we could not get them to learn how to use a scratching post, and they were constantly digging and picking the carpet upstairs. We are renting this house, and every time we heard the RIP RIP RIP of carpet, we saw our deposit floating further and further away. Declawing was not an option, and then someone told us about the SoftPaws. Though a bit skeptical at first, we decided to give them a try. This was almost 6 months ago and we are STILL using them today! They are so easy to put on, and the kittens are so used to them now that they don’t even pick at them when a replacement is put on.

    We love them, and we will continue to use them for as long as we have cats! Thank
    you so much!!"

    - Tara and Eric

  • testimonial8.jpg

    "Hello! We are so glad we tried this before declawing our siamese cat (Sushi). Actually,
    we had made an appointment to declaw his front legs for the day before we received
    them. After making the appointment, I've been reading a little more about declawing, and as Sushi has had already a surgery in his hip (they took away the head of his right femur, because it was broken), I decided that we did not want the cat to suffer another surgery, with all the stress, and pain that that would cause to him. So I cancelled the appointment and ordered two packages of soft paws (one red, and another blue, whiches are the ones he's wearing at the photo. He didn't even try to take them off! He's been playing around, trying to catch insects, climbing the sofa and windows, playing with the kids as always! We'll let you know soon how long do they last in a proper way, and I think we'll be ordering again soon but this time from home (we are from Argentina).

    Thanks in advance for us (my girls are so happy he wouldn't scrath them, and for Sushi, who didn't even know he was about to pass thru another operation. Bye! Look at him with his blue nails matching his eyes!

    - Maria

  • testimonial9.jpg

    " Hi! Here is a photo of my cat "Woody" in his Softpaws. I am a veterinarian at a cat hospital in Durham, North Carolina. Woody comes to work with me often and loves to show everyone his Softpaws - he is quite the salesman. Thanks for making such a great product!"

    - Barbara Kirch, DVM, The Cat Hospital of Durham and Chapel Hill

  • testimonial10.jpg

    "I have been using Soft Paws on my "Shadow" for two years now. She (and I)
    love them."

    - Lorraine, Boise, ID

  • testimonial11.jpg

    "Hi there! I just wanted to say what a wonderful product! ... also to show off a picture of my 3 year old male cat "spydarus" (spyder for short) in his HOT PINK softclaws!!! Although a male cat....LOL! He is man enough cat to wear HOT PINK!

    Thanks and have a PURRRFECT day!"

    - Laurie and Spyder

  • testimonial12.jpg

    "Thank you for your fantastic product "soft paws". Our order arrived yesterday and our puddy tat Ollie is now sporting his fantastic orange toenails. They were no problem to put on, he doesn't even seem to notice they are there (however, I did see him trotting off to see all the other cats to show them all his posh toes). We have had NO SCRATCHING through the night. So, BRAVO for softpaws!!

    Love from Ollie the posh New Zealand cat and his family... itchy and scratchy no more..."

    - Helen Todd

  • testimonial13.jpg

    "Thank you for a great product, most of all our furniture thanks you. The pictures are rather large but I think you'll appreciate the size of the pictures once you see them. This Tommy with his new SoftPaws trying to get a drink or wash his paws after dinner, I'm not sure which."

    - Dale Flinn

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