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My mother is a diabetic and was having problems with her dog scratching her all the time. It is not that the dog was mean, it just would jump up on her or when he was on her lap, he would sometimes accidentally scratch her arms. We thought we would have to get rid of her dog because of her fragile skin. Soft paws has helped tremendously. She doesn’t get scratched like she used to.

David T.


Soft paws solved my problem. My dog lets me know she needs to go outside by scratching the door. I don’t want her to stop letting me know, but my door was a mess. I put the Soft paws on her (it was really easy) and refinished my door. No more scratches.

Thanks again,
Harry D.


We have just renovated our house and put in all new hardwood floors. Our standard Schnauzer was scratching them up until I asked the vet if there was anything I could use. I had tried dog boots and baby socks but eventually he pulled them off and it was a hassle to take them off and put them on again every time he went outside. She got me Soft paws and I put them on—they are fabulous—definitely the right answer. Excellent product.

Ken B.


I wanted to write you and personally thank you for making your Soft paws product. I didn´t purchase Soft paws to protect my furniture or to prevent myself from being scratched. I bought Soft paws to prevent my dog from being put to sleep prematurely. You see, a couple of years ago we ripped out all our carpeting and installed laminate based flooring (Pergo). The floor looks nice but is very slippery! My dog has a habit of jumping on people or when they come home or slipping when quickly changing directions which on more than one occasion he has resulted in an injury his hind legs. You may find him with one of his legs retracted and limping around the house.

We put down a couple of throw rugs and try to baby him but before you know it he slips again and starts limping with the other leg. Jokingly I tell him if he can´t learn to take it easy I´ll have to make him one of those little rick shaw wagons so he could pull himself around. He´s a 9 year old Lab-Cockapoo, about 50 lbs. The reality of the situation is he would be put to sleep if he can´t walk anymore. Then I saw an ad for Soft paws and thought the rubber cap may prevent his paws from slipping on the floor. Sure enough, he hasn´t slipped once in about two months since he has been wearing them. My wife and I are ecstatic that we tried your product, thank you for saving my pup from a premature trip to the sleep chamber! My 5 year old son will also be happy keeping his best buddy around longer!


Please note: Any medical condition should first be discussed with your veterinarian before using Soft paws as and aid in treatment.


I used Soft paws in two ways not mentioned on your site. The first was for my female Great Dane, Otis. She split a nail. I kept gluing it, but she would lick it, and it kept splitting farther up and bleeding. The vet said it could split right up into the toe and cause infection. The vet gave us his sample of clear Soft paws (in Dane size). It worked perfectly. She didn´t even know it was on, stopped licking her paw, and the nail was able to heal and grow out. The second time was for my male Dane, Chili. He had Wobblers. The disease left him with limited strength in his hind legs and occasionally he would scuff his nails on the ground. Over time he wore a couple of his nails down to the quick. One of his toes became inflamed and his vet was worried about infection. I remembered about the Soft paws... and had the vet order the largest size in black, like Chili. I went to town with the glue and black caps and they worked beautifully. They protected his nails and the inflammation went down.

Thank you! Brilliant product!
Susan H.

Please note: Any medical condition should first be discussed with your veterinarian before using Soft paws as and aid in treatment.

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