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Ways Soft Paws® Can Help an Older Dog

 Soft Paws can help older dogs do better.

Soft Paws® nail caps can help reduce scratching damage from your dog's nails that might occur to people or belongings. They can be quite helpful when you have hardwood floors that can be easily gouged by a dog's claws. They can also help an older dog have a better quality of life.

Soft Paws® Can Reduce Slippage

As dogs get older, they can develop arthritis or other joint problems that may lead to muscle weakness in the legs, especially in the rear. Then, they can have trouble getting up and down from and maneuvering over hard flooring like wood and linoleum.

Applying Soft Paws® to an older dog's claws can sometimes help give them extra traction on hard surfaces. They can also help with stairs and inclined walking. Of course, your older dog might need a little time to get used to wearing the caps if he hasn't had them on previously, but it can be worth the break-in period when it helps with mobility issues.

Soft Paws® Can Help Prevent Nail Damage

As dogs get older, their claws sometimes thicken, become rough, or grow in different directions than they did before. Their toes and paws can also develop arthritis, which causes them to walk differently. Soft Paws® can help prevent paw and nail damage in some of these instances by creating a barrier between the abnormal nail and any soft tissue that it might be coming into contact with, such as other toes.

Older dogs that develop neurological or muscle problems that cause them to drag their feet may benefit from wearing Soft Paws® because they can create a barrier between the walking surface and nails; the caps can be worn down instead of the nails themselves.

Soft Paws® Can Decrease Skin Damage

If your older dog has allergies or other medical conditions that cause him to scratch himself, Soft Paws® can help reduce skin damage that often occurs as a result. Quality of life for a dog with a chronic skin condition can be greatly increased when the scratching doesn't cause excoriations and secondary infections on the skin.

Soft Paws® Can Help Keep an Older Dog Bonded to His Humans

As a dog gets older, it's essential to his health and happiness that the bond he has with his humans remains strong and healthy. By reducing damage to belongings and people that can occur when an older dog is trying to jump onto and off of people and furniture or maneuver around the home, the human-dog bond can remain solid.

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