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Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my (and my kitty's) heart! we are so delighted with "soft paws". We were searching for an acceptable (humane) alternative to declawing. My cat's health and happiness come before my new furniture. However, it is nice to be able to enjoy both! Soft Paws are everything that you describe and more. My cat allowed me to outfit her in her purple paws without issue. It took about 3 minutes to apply them and they remain on all 10 nails even after the first application (10 days ago).

Thank you again for caring enough about animals to support and endorse such an important product. I will surely recommend Soft Paws to anyone in need of the perfect alternative to declawing (an unacceptable alternative)

- Jennifer Beer

I am a new cat owner [rescued my little Sparky off the streets] just 4 months ago. Before that I NEW NOTHING about cats as I considered myself a dog person. I also have a Labrador Retriever who I adopted from the Guiding Eyes for the blind 4 and a half years ago.

I found you thru a lady who lives in my building who has a cat and swore by your product. The both of you saved me from doing what I anguished the most and that was declawing little Sparky. And thanks to your GREAT product I don't have to. I put the soft paws on Sparky two days ago and he doesn't even bother with them. Which is really surprising. He has yet to take one off. Needless to say I will be ordering more of this marvelous product so that we can have a long lasting non destructive relationship. I love Sparky to death as he is very friendly and gets along great with people and with Teal [my dog]. I can't believe someone abandoned this guy in the streets. I believe that your product will save thousands of cats as I'm sure that many people DECLAW them , put their cats up for adoption or just simply get rid off them because of the damage they can cause to the furniture and or other animals in the same household with their claws. Thanks again for saving me from that pain of declawing him! PS 4 days and little Sparky still doesn't bother with them.

- Christopher Cintron

Thanks for a great product and super customer service! My furniture absolutely adores your product and we're so pleased at the prompt shipping. Our thanks for a great idea!

- Toni M. Knapp

I also rarely write about products, but I just have to share what a wonderful job this product does for my cats. I am a breeder and a Specialty Judge with UFO (United Feline Organization). I think Soft Paws is such a terrific idea, and such an easy alternative to declawing a cat. I have a household pet that used to scratch endlessly where she shouldn't. I talked with my vet and discovered Soft Paws. She has worn the pink soft paws ever since. Her name is Twinkle Toes - Twinkie, and she's a black & white rescued kitty. She is known nationally for her pink toes. She was the Best Household Pet in the Southern Region in UFO last year, and the 8th Household Pet Nationally. She is currently the Best Household Pet again in the Southern Region and number 3 Nationally so far this year.

Thanks for such a wonderful product. I recommend them at all the shows I attend! I sure hope it helps....saving one kitty at a time from declawing.

- Laura Gregory, Tampa, FL, Ragtime Ragamuffins & UFO Specialty Judge

Meow! Mom said I could send you a letter. I got pretty Pink nails on! They are really bright! I like them, (but they make typing a little hard). I got to go for a car ride to the vet to help pick them out. Mommy bought me a toy for being such a good girl. Everyone at the vet likes me! Now the new furniture won't get hurt and neither will I. (I didn't want to be declawed).

Both Mom and I think it would be great if you put our feelings on your website. Mom and Dad left me all alone for a whole week with the new furniture. I was good and the furniture is fine. A nice Lady did come check on me but I'm a scardy cat and hid.

- Love, Kitty (This is Kitty's mom, Laura. Thanks so much for such a great product!)

I just placed my second order of Soft Paws. These are absolutely wonderful. Travis, my black Persian, thinks he looks sooooo cool with his red toes and had no problem adapting to them. I found that playing with a string after putting them on gets him used to them very quickly. I'm recommending Soft Paws to all my cat lover friends for all their furred children. Next time ole Travis will be sporting the shocking pink ones hahaha. Thanks so much!

- Judi Sonnier

Thanks for this great product. I have been telling everyone I know about it! I just got new furniture, and of course I am happy it's safe. However, there's another plus. My 6-year old, 14 pound "baby" likes to knead me. Now instead of little knives digging into my skin, it's gentle and painless! And it makes him happy. Cool!

- Jenny, Braun

I never knew that declawing was a brutal operation. I had called a Veterinarian to ask about it, and had the good fortune of contacting one who refused to do it. He told me it was excruciating for the animals, that they howl in pain for hours or days after the operation. He recommended Soft Paws and helped me with the first application. I am so grateful that I did not put my beloved cat through the torture of declawing. Soft Paws are convenient, humane, and to my delight, easy to order on the Internet!

- M. Larkin, Bel-Air California

I just wanted to thank you for selling such a fabulous product. When my husband told me about Soft Paws I was skeptical. I thought, if these work so great why have I never heard of them? Luckily, they are extremely affordable so we decided to give them a shot. We have three cats who love to claw furniture, radio speakers, carpet, etc. They were very easy to apply and the cats were used to them within only a couple of minutes!!! This product is a MIRACLE and I am not saying that lightly! We can now keep all the doors in our home open and live like normal people. My cats are fine with Soft Paws on; they still behave the same way they ordinarily would. (They still scratch, but don't damage!) This is a perfect solution to saving your furniture and/or having your animal declawed. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Again, I can't stress enough how easy these are to apply and how the cats don't even notice they are on. I can't praise you enough! p.s. I love the pink ones! Thank you so, so much and if you ever need a reference - use me!

- Mandy Randolph

I ordered Soft Paws about a month and a half ago for my kitten, thinking it is never too early to get her into good habits. They arrived within 2 days and after a little bit of a struggle the first time, Macy now tolerates me putting them on her very well. I wanted to let you know how great I think this product is. …. kudos to you for an outstanding product and great customer service and information availability. Can you also make something to cover her teeth? :) Please feel free to use my comments on your testimonials section. This is the best cat product I have ever come across.

- Jennifer Allred

I didn't expect to say this but I am actually impressed. My girlfriend tried something like this a few years ago but the cat didn't like it and she didn't keep up with it. I am moving in with her in a couple of months but she has thousands of dollars worth of damage to her apartment caused by one sweet little cat. I told my girlfriend I wouldn't move in with her unless she tried Soft Paws again and kept up with them. When we first put them on the cat didn't like them and tried to chew them off. My girlfriend and I made it a point to correct Kizzie, her cat, by using a strong *NO!* and pulling her paw away from her mouth. Within an hour or two she stopped picking at her Soft Paws and now after only a few days, she acts like they aren't even there. I am always a skeptic and never allow myself to get my hopes up when I make a purchase. I hate disappointment!! This is one of the few times I can honestly say that a product went above and beyond my expectations. We are looking forward to trying the different colors of Soft Paws so that Kizzie will be the envy of every cat in the neighborhood.

I am just so happy to see a product live up to its reputation that, being the skeptic that I am, I am thrilled to help out anyone that is in a similar situation. Please feel free to use my testimonial to help get the word out about Soft Paws. Thank you.

- Karen, Kizzie, and Bob

I just received my Soft Paws order on Friday. I had to write and tell you how thoroughly pleased I am with the product. I applied them to my 2 cats with no problems. Cassie didn't even notice a change (even though she now has adorable, bright pink claws!), and Callie only licked at hers for a few minutes before forgetting all about them. I am so relieved that everything worked out better than I had ever hoped. The cats are happy as can be, and now I can buy that new couch I've been eyeing with no worries.

Thank you so much for making this great alternative to declawing available. I am telling everyone I know about my success and how to get Soft Paws for their loved ones! Thanks, again.

- Melissa

You can add my name to the list of satisfied customers. Soft Paws has given us one less thing to argue about!! I have three very busy cats, who can't seem to remember their manners, especially around the new furniture and carpeting. I recently moved into a new house with my fiancé, who I might add had many reservations about the quantity of cats I brought in tow. He was right, the first object of the cat's obsession was the new carpeting on the stairs; I spent many of nights chasing them away and then locking them in the basement. The furniture was next.......I purchased Soft Paws back in June, the first application was easier than I had expected. The biggest problem was the abundance of cat hair, I was covered from head to toe, but it was well worth it. I'm a little lax about reapplying nails when one falls off, I usually wait until at least three or four are missing, but the stress level in my house (for all of us) has just about disappeared. Thanks to Soft Paws I can sleep an entire night!!

- Lisa Howe

I just wanted to write to express my complete satisfaction with your product. I have two cats at home that moderately scratch the furniture, but my big problem was my boy Jacob. He's a very protective territorial cat. That means he's so adorable and lovable to me- he will let me hold him like a baby and he never gives me attitude, but when I have friends over he becomes vicious (he bats his claws and hisses at people- even those who are over frequently). I was torn between my cat and my friends. I had to come to some sort of decision after he tore up my friends leg while she was feeding him when I was out of town. Declawing was absolutely out of the question, so I decided to finally give soft paws a try (I had heard of them awhile ago, but never gave it any thought). It was a unique experience applying them the first time- my boys were tolerant enough and didn't seem to notice any thing was different. This last week has been great (I've only had to reapply 5 caps between the two of them)and they haven't scratched me or my friends or the furniture. Thanks for a product that saves not only their claws but their emotional well being (and mine!) I will be a lifetime customer!!!

- William Miller

Thank you so much for Soft Paws! When I moved to Oregon to go to school, no one would accept my cat! After months of searching, I finally found an apartment that would allow me to keep Mojo, but only if I declawed him! I don't believe in declawing, so I was faced with quite a dilemma. Thank goodness for Soft Paws! My landlord gets intact carpets, I get to keep my cat, and my cat gets to keep his claws. We're all very happy. Thank You! Please visit our web site at where we have a section devoted to Soft Paws! Best wishes.

- Dena Paez & Mojo the Cat

I just wanted to say thank you for the Soft Paws for cats. I have 4 little ones and they all have done great with them. I can finally have some peace of mind when they all pile up on the waterbed. They are really terrific. Thanks again.

- Samantha S. Sharp

I love your product! My cat accidentally scratched my face (near my eye) very badly last week and I had to go to the Emergency Room. I was so sad at the thought of having to declaw my beautiful kitty, but I was so afraid of a worse accident happening (especially around small children). I heard about the product over the Internet and have found it to be exactly what I needed! Thank you so much and Oscar (my cat) thanks you, too!

- Elisabeth Calvert Smith

Thank you so much for this life-saving product! I recently moved in with my boyfriend of 2 years and he was very concerned that they would scratch his new leather furniture (which they would have without this product!). He insisted on them being declawed - which I absolutely refused!!! My groomer introduced me to Soft Paws and I have been using them and telling all my friends and contacts about them ever since. P.S. And extra thanks from Cleo and Marc Anthony!

- Brenda Stevens

I have been using Soft Paws for a long time, almost 5 years. I think they are an excellent product, and a far better option than declawing.

- Diane Nottle

Just a note to thank you for creating such a WONDERFUL product. Years ago (when I was less informed on the actual surgical procedure and unaware of the traumatic impact that declawing can have on a cat, I had a loving cat declawed - neither of us ever could quite go back to "normal". Recently, after a friend told me about your product I purchased it and was immediately sold. For the last seven years, I have argued that declawing was inhumane to anyone who even mentioned it - citing the example of cutting a human finger off at the first joint in support of my argument - and just accepted that my furniture will eventually be in shreds (oh well, I can always learn to reupholster, right!). My female has worn the clear Soft Paws for about two weeks without even noticing (except when I put them on, she had to tell me about her thoughts on it), while the male was an angel while I put them on... but daily seems to either take one off... or nibbles off the tip of the cap! I religiously reapply them - while telling him he does NOT even want to know the alternative that a "sister" long ago had to suffer!

I'm sold.... we're ordering colors for Christmas and will continue to order from you forever. Thanks from Boris and Tasha, too!

- Kim L. Turnpaugh

I needed to let everyone know how great the Soft Paws work. We got our Siamese-mix as a kitten a little over a year ago, and Gracie's full of energy! She started clawing the furniture, even though she used her scratching post. We don't let her go outdoors, and we didn't want to have her declawed. I heard about these and decided to give them a try, not expecting them to work. We've been using them ever since, just replacing them as they shed every once in a while. She chews on them for a couple of minutes after we put them on, and then just forgets about them. We are very happy that we found these, and will continue to use them.

- Janice Kelly

Thank you SO much for your wonderful product. I'm not a very easily satisfied customer, and I definitely had my doubts about whether these would work for my cats. I have some of the most finicky, picky, neurotic cats. I thought, well I'm sure they would work for your average cat, but there's no way that my cats will tolerate them. I did have to wrestle with them to get them on, but no more than for a regular nail-clipping. Once they were on, they ran off and licked their paws for hours and I figured ... aha, see, I knew it wouldn't work, they'll pull them off by tomorrow. But by the next day both of my cats seem to have forgotten that they were there altogether! I'm amazed! And now, three or four weeks later, they still haven't fallen off! Great work!

- Irene Shaw

I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am with my soft paws order. I read the testimonials and info on the web page but didn't believe it would work. The day I received my shipment my cat was clawing at my couch, I grabbed her, clipped her nails, and applied the soft paws. To my surprise she didn't even know what happened !! She's had them on for four days now and doesn't even realize anything is different. She even uses her scratching post still! I am very happy this product works since I do not believe in declawing but was getting upset about furniture damage. Thank you! I've referred several people to this product.

- Chris Demko

I recently adopted a 1 year old stray cat from the local SPCA. Roxie lives inside, but I didn't want to have her declawed (its so cruel). I decided to give Soft Paws a chance, and boy am I glad I did! My little Roxie put up hardly any resistance to getting her nails trimmed and the caps applied. Within 30 seconds, she was used to the caps and didn't fuss with them. I'm so glad that my kitty is no longer a hazard to my wallpaper and furniture! I love Soft Paws! Thank you!

- Jennifer Stern

I never write testimonials for products, but in this case I just HAD to!! Several years ago, the animal hospital that I work for purchased these as an alternative to declawing since our veterinarian will not declaw cats. Since then I have seen SO MANY satisfied customers!! Myself Included!! This product offers ALL of the benefits & none of the pain, suffering, & expense of declawing. This is the best product I have ever seen (for cats OR humans!) paws down! I just wanted to thank you for putting a product on the market like this. It has really saved a lot of cats & dogs out there from a painful & dangerous elective surgery. Not to mention being sent to the pound for "inappropriate scratching behavior" (and I use the term loosely as it is completely natural for a cat to scratch!) Thank you so much!!

- Leslie, Stone Mountain, GA

Just had to write to tell you we are a two-family Soft Paws user. My daughter, in Oklahoma, has two cats. She discovered Soft Paws by accident while on the web. They worked so well for her "girls" that we decided to buy two for our girl cat (Checkers) and blue for our boy cat (kincaid). I just ordered four more sets, each in a different color. My husband wants our cats to look like rainbows, so that's why we decided on all colors for variety. Kinda silly, maybe, but who cares? The Soft Paws work wonderfully. I admit (much to my chagrin) that I have had previous cats I've owned declawed. When I read how the surgery is actually done, how maiming it is, I preferred not to declaw any more animals from that point matter how my furniture suffered. Soft Paws has solved furniture problems while allowing my cats the dignity of remaining whole and happy! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! BTW...I found out my dentist, who owns two kitties and loves them to death, uses Soft Paws for his babies. My usual twenty-minute visit turned into more than 45 minutes because we were exchanging stories about Soft Paws and, of course, our cats and their personalities. One can't talk to one's dentist while his fingers are in their mouth, eh? Thanks again.

- Lynn Finn

I just really wanted to say thank you for a great product. I first heard of them when I worked in a vet office, but didn't pay much attention. Then we got a "lovely" cat named Loki and he will knead and scratch anything. He even put gouges in the wall of our new apartment. He is still able to play and run and pick things up in his paws, its great! I'm going to recommend these products to my family, who are notorious for declawing to preserve cherished furniture. And I also recommended that a friend of mine check out the dog covers for his new puppy.

- Rosemary Oberholtzer

It's just about 2 weeks now and Oliver our Maine Coone has adjusted immediately to the Softpaws. So good. They are great...Only 2 came off but quickly adhered new ones. I am so happy for your product. I was not happy about the alternative to declawing. Having new furniture I did not want to have him claw his way through it. He had already started. Now with Softpaws...we don't have too worry. Thanks.

- Rob, Flushing, NY

I just wanted to say Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I have a 15 week old calico named "Tinkerbell" and she just loved digging her sharp little nails into myself, my husband and my two small children. She loves to play and does not realize she is hurting us. After doing some research on declawing, I was sick to think of how horrible this procedure is. I came across the Soft Paw website and decided to give them a try. My order only took two days to arrive and my husband and I applied them to her tonight. "Tink" did lick and chew at them for a few minutes, but soon forgot about them. She does not even know they are there anymore. We are very pleased with the product and will be ordering more. "Tink" says she'd like the pink ones next time because pink is her color! Thanks so much for keeping my home from being shredded, my children safe, and "Tinkerbell" a very happy kitty! We are all very, very, happy.

- Tina & "Tinkerbell" New Orleans, LA

I'm a volunteer cats expert on and I get a fair share of frustrated cat owners seeking ways to stop their cats from scratching inappropriately. I firmly stand against declawing, so I do not offer this as a viable solution. But maybe a couple years ago, I saw your ad in Cat Fancy Magazine (I'm addicted!). I never had a need to try Soft Paws, but I always suggested trying them to all the cat owners who have ever contacted me with a problem scratcher, and I gave them a link to your site. A couple months ago, I took in an orphaned kitten who has decided he will not use natural wood, sisal, or a carpeted post to scratch. Only my new couch will do. So I ordered a set of Soft Paws myself. I put them on the kitten (7 months old and HUGE), and he didn't bat an eye. He has no idea they're there! He can't scratch the couch anymore, or climb the Christmas tree for that matter! And it's wonderful for our other cats, too, because he tends to get a little overzealous with play. Now if I could just find soft little caps for his teeth! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I will continue to recommend them and give them praise based on my personal experience.

- Jessica Sylvester

I thought my cat would never even allow me to put them on her, but she has taken to them like a pro. When I put them on, she doesn't even seem to notice. You have made a great product. I know you hear that all the time, but you have made another believer in me. Thank you!

- Mina Lloyd

I just wanted to say thank you. I guess this sounds like "another" thank you, but this really is a fantastic product! I really wish I had known about this before I declawed my cat. I'd never done anything like that before with any other cat, but it was my only alternative at the time. I feel awful about it. Now, having leather furniture and my kids, something else had to be done and WOW when the leather repairman came and repaired the couch he suggested and handed me a flyer; said this is all I'll ever need to do. Man, was he right! Please don't raise your prices! That's another plus that makes it affordable for everyone, not just those who have big bucks! Thanks, and I'll be ordering again and I will be spreading the word of what an awesome product this is!

- Jennifer Marquardt, Houston, TX

Soft Paws is the BOMB and a blood pressure reducer !!! My cats don't scratch the furniture but they do get their claws caught up in my expensive bedding when shifting around to get comfortable creating loops and snags. The upholstered furniture (feline Jungle Jim) breaks down bit by bit during climbing, leaping, wrestling and general frolicking activities. Well, instead of cringing, helplessly listening to the threads crackle and pop while my blood pressure rises, I can relax now. Those soft paws have for now taken some of the boredom out of my cats as well ....they now have to adapt to getting around the house without using their back paws as rakes, pitchforks, and springboards. They knew something was different after application for a few moments, picked at them for about 90 secs, and forgot about them ever since. If you have an easy going cat they are fun to put on too, and the experience amounts to giving the cat a "pedicure" at the" day spa" without leaving the house. I had known about the caps for a while but assumed they were uncomfortable until I did further reading in the testimonials and browsed over the contented kitty faces in the. Speaking of contentment, everybody at my house is happy over Soft Paws. Oh yes, they ship fast too !!! I ordered on an early Friday afternoon and the caps were at my house that Monday ... they were also on the cats one hr after I opened the package. No need to hesitate ordering Soft Paws. I assure you it will help you enjoy your cats even more ..... and vice versa.

- Yvonne Minor-Harvey, Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted to write and thank you for your product. My cat Hershey was an only pet for six years and became very jealous when I got two small Chihuahuas. I ended up at the vet more than once because he'd scratched a dog's eye. He became much more accepting of them as time went on but once in a while there were run-ins and I'd come home to find red swollen spots from a cat swipe on a dog's nose or ear. I became worried about going out and leaving them alone; my friends were telling me to declaw Hershey, give him away or even worse, put him to sleep (all unacceptable to me). After coming home Monday to find a big red bump on one dog's snout, I called my vet in desperation and asked if they knew of anything I could do. They recommended your product, and I received it yesterday (fast delivery!). I feel so relieved that I don't have give away my kitty or worry anymore that my dogs will be injured. Peace reigns in the household, and I have peace of mind. Thank you.

- Andrea, Hershey, Anais and Bailey

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