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Check out our cat toys! Check out our fabulous cat collars! Cats shouldn't eat Halloween candy, but that doesn't mean they can't participate in the holiday fun by prancing around in these bright, candy corn-inspired nail caps.
Check out our dog toys! Check out our fabulous dog collars! You should keep your real Halloween candy away from your dog. But our Candy Corn Combo nail caps are a perfectly safe way to include your dog in the holiday fun.
Inspired by the lovely colors of the patch, these nail caps will put a smile on the face of anyone who loves spending crisp fall days searching out the perfect pumpkin. The leaves change, the seasons move on, and our cats love to take it all in, just like we do. A touch of fall color on their nails will have them flitting around like lovely falling leaves. Our dogs add bounty to our lives every day, and our Harvest Combo nail caps will reflect the colors and feelings of the season.
Going to the pumpkin patch is a treat for all of our senses. With our Pumpkin Patch nail cap combo, you can enjoy the joyful feelings of the patch whenever your kitty prances through the room. Deck your cat out in Halloween fun with our Meowlloween Combo. Orange, purple, and black nail caps will put you and your feline friend in the mood for some spooky celebration. Halloween time will be Howl-oween time when your dog wears these spook-inspired nail caps. But your little canine ghost or goblin will be expecting only treats, no tricks for the occasion.
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