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Check out our cat toys! Check out our fabulous cat collars! The air is getting crisper, and the leaves are showing signs of changing. Your kitty's nails can reflect the colors of the season with our Touch of Fall Combo.
Check out our dog toys! Check out our fabulous dog collars! The gentle color changes of autumn look beautiful in nature. They'll look amazing on your dog, too, when you apply our Touch of Fall nail cap combo to those cute canine paws.
Your little furry movie star will be ready for Hollywood parties and fancy get-togethers while delicately prancing around in these pink and pink glitter nail caps. The leaves change, the seasons move on, and our cats love to take it all in, just like we do. A touch of fall color on their nails will have them flitting around like lovely falling leaves. Our dogs add bounty to our lives every day, and our Harvest Combo nail caps will reflect the colors and feelings of the season.
All cats are glamorous, but yours will really be able to show her Hollywood side in our Glamour Combo nail caps. All that glitters is not gold. In fact, with our Glitter Trio Combo, it's silver, gold, and pink glitter that will match your favorite feline's glittering personality. Who doesn't love glitter? Even your dog will love to frolic around in pink and blue glitter nail caps, and you'll enjoy the extra splash of glitz in your home.
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