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Nail Caps for Cats
Nail Caps for Dogs
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Check out our cat toys! Check out our fabulous cat collars! Softly falling snow is beautiful, magical, and peaceful. You can enjoy the feeling every time you see your cat when you have your furry friend's nails done in the Snowflake Combo.
Check out our dog toys! Check out our fabulous dog collars! Snowflakes, snowmen, hot chocolate, and cozy snow days; lovely memories of lovely times. Get cozy with your pup on the couch, and enjoy the feeling of a snow day, even if the weather outside isn't cooperating.
Dogs can't have champagne, but they can wear nail caps! Our Champagne Combo is the perfect way to include your dog in the celebration of old times and the anticipation of new ones. Winter can sometime be a bit gray and dreary. Your feline family member already brightens your days, just by being around. Putting this lovely nail cap combo on your cat will add even more cheeriness to blustery winter days. Glitter and glitz is what New Year celebrations are all about. Your pup will sparkle with elegance & class in these Gold Glitter nail caps as you ring in the New Year.
Champagne, glitter, and glitz are what New Year celebrations are all about. When your cat wears these gold and silver glitter nail caps, you will both feel festive and optimistic. Dressing up is fun, and your cat will be ready for any black tie event you can throw when you apply the Tux & Tails nail cap combo. Black tie events and fancy soirees are all the rage in certain circles. With the Tux & Tails nail cap combo, your dog will look suave enough for the highest society gathering, and sweet enough for kibbles at home.
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