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Can Your Cat Be the Perfect Thanksgiving Host?

Is it possible to help your cat be a great Thanksgiving host?

Are you planning on having guests in your home for Thanksgiving and you're worried about how it will go with your cat? Indeed, cats don't always love the commotion of a holiday with extra people in the house, but if you follow the tips we lay out for you here, you can have both the perfect Thanksgiving with houseguests and a happy, calm kitty.

Make Sure Your Cat Has a Safe Space

The first thing you'll want to do if you're expecting houseguests is to make a spot for your cat to go and get away from everything. That could be a small room or an out-of-the-way space in your house. Put a litter box, food and water, a cat bed, and some toys in there.

Your cat should be able to get to the safe spot whenever she wants, and you may want it to have a door that closes so you can put her in and keep her there. Either way, your guests should know that the spot is for your cat to be alone. If possible, create this space well ahead of when your guests are supposed to arrive so your cat can get used to it.

Make Sure Your Guests Have a Cat-Free Place to Go

It's best, unless your guests know your cat very well, to keep their bedroom a cat-free zone. That allows them to sleep or retire for some quiet time without worrying about the kitty.

Remember Some Human Foods Are Toxic

Cats can't eat everything humans can, so it's essential your guests know that too. It may be best to keep your cat out of the room during mealtimes to ensure she doesn't get something she shouldn't have.

Give Your Guests the Scoop on Your Cat

If your cat has specific things she does or doesn't like humans doing to her, share that information with your guests ahead of time, so they don't make a feline faux pas. That will go a long way toward making sure they become friends and don't have any issues with one another.

Do Some Extra Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

Some people aren't used to being around cat fur, so it's a good idea to do some extra cleaning before they arrive. That can also be good in case your visitors have allergies. Do some extra vacuuming, lint-rolling, and dusting in the days before Thanksgiving.

Pay Special Attention to Child Visitors

Kids don't always know how to be gentle with cats, so if there are children among your visitors, make sure you pay close attention. Never leave children unsupervised with your cat. It may be necessary to keep your kitty in the safe room most or all of the time to ensure the safety of both your cat and the visiting kids.

Most of the time, guests and cats can get along fine, and you won't need to do much differently than you always do. However, preparing ahead of time by creating a safe space for your cat and a quiet spot for your visitors, things will be even more likely to go well.

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